How to send view once Whatsapp Message

WhatsApp added the View Once messages feature in 2021 after competing platforms like Telegram began offering it. Social media apps like Snapchat have the ability to send messages or media that would disappear immediately, and the inspiration for this feature comes from that app. This feature is very beneficial when someone’s sharing sensitive or private information with a recipient, information that they’d rather not want downloaded and saved.

Paired with the end-to-end encryption feature that WhatsApp offers, the View Once feature on WhatsApp offers a private and safe communication experience. These messages disappear after the recipient views them once. They cannot save these images to their galleries either. If you want to see the status of your View Once message, both sides need to turn read receipts on.

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How to send View Once messages on WhatsApp

Note: It works in both normal chats and groups; the procedure is the same.

  1. Open the private chat or group chat that you want to send the View Once message to on WhatsApp.
  2. You’ll see the paperclip icon in the chat box. Tap on the paperclip icon, and this will bring up a different box that has several attachment options.
  3. Choose the Gallery option from here.
  4. Select an image or video that you want to send from here. You also have the option to directly use the Camera app to instantly take a new photo or video if the media you want to send is absent in the gallery. Note that WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to send over 16GB of video unless you’re sending it uncompressed as a File or ZIP. You cannot send these as View Once messages right now, so you can only send up to 16MB. WhatsApp will compress your video if it’s longer.
  5. You’ll now see the image/ video editing screen. Tap on the tiny icon that appears at the right. You’ll find it within the “Add a caption…” box. The 1 is half-solid and half-dotted.
  6. The background should now switch to a solid color.
  7. You will also get confirmation that the media is now View Once. You can now tap the send once.
  8. The receiver will also find out that it’s a view-once message, and you can see the status “Opened.”

Note: If you’re using the View Once feature, WhatsApp doesn’t notify you if a screenshot is taken. However, it will also not let you take a screenshot, and it’ll tell you that the ability to take a screenshot is blocked due to privacy reasons. Unfortunately, screen recording is still possible.

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