How to Schedule Light and Dark Mode in Windows 11

Schedule Light and Dark Mode in Windows

Windows 11 has been a pretty major visual overhaul when compared to Windows 10. Microsoft took major steps in smoothening out its OS, making it easier to navigate and making it look aesthetically pleasing. One of the major things users liked about the new update was its light and dark mode. As the theme is very consistent throughout the whole OS, unlike in previous times where the theme was very inconsistent throughout the whole OS. But it lacks a pretty simple but significant feature, i.e. the ability to Schedule Light and Dark Mode in Windows 11. To solve this problem users have turned to third-party options like Auto Dark Mode X. Which lets users configure light or dark mode as they like.


How to Install Auto Dark Mode X on Windows 11

  1. Go to the GitHub Page of Auto Dark Mode X and download the latest version available under the Assets section. Or go to the Microsoft App Store and search for the app and search for Auto Dark Mode.
  2. If you have downloaded it from GitHub you will need to double-click the EXE file to see a classic installation wizard. Follow along with the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  3. After installing the app, you will be taken to Auto Dark Mode app’s home page. Where you will find the options to schedule dark mode in Windows 11.


How to Configure and Schedule Light and Dark Mode in Windows

  1. You can set a custom schedule for light or dark mode as per your convenience. Select Set Custom Hours from the app’s home page, and you can then configure the time as per your preference.
  2. To change the start and end times, click on the Time Picker and select the time you want.

Schedule Light and Dark Mode in Windows


Auto dark mode based on Sunrise and Sunset on Windows

  1. The Auto Dark Mode X app, also lets you configure your dark/light mode based on the sunrise and sunset. To configure, click on From sunset to sunrise toggle and allow the app to use your location.
  2. If the exact timings are a bit early or late for you. You can offset them by entering the minutes you would like to trigger the theme sooner or after the default sunrise/ sunset time under the Offset section and clicking on Set to apply the values.

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How to Set Custom App Behaviour

The Auto Dark Mode X app, also lets users set custom themes for some apps. As users might prefer using an app in dark mode and want the whole system to use light mode.

  1. Switch to the Apps section from the left sidebar and choose the right theme mode from the dropdown list.
  2. Change the Theme of any app as per your convenience.

Schedule Light and Dark Mode in Windows


The Auto Dark Mode X app is truly feature-packed. Microsoft missed the mark by not providing this feature by default as it would have been much easier for the average user. But all thanks to the active developer community, users now have the option to Schedule Light and Dark Mode in Windows 11.


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