How to schedule a WhatsApp message on iPhone

How to schedule a WhatsApp message

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, but it’s still an app that lacks important functions. One of these important functions is to schedule messages. WhatsApp does not natively allow you to send messages automatically from your iPhone. Take an example, to send the first birthday message to your friend, you have to stay awake till 12 o’clock at night. if there were a feature for scheduling messages on WhatsApp, then you would not have to face the problem of waking up till 12 o’clock at the night. In this guide, we will be discussing how to schedule a WhatsApp message on iPhone so that you can send it later on automatically.

If you want to schedule WhatsApp messages, there is no built-in feature in the app, neither on Android nor iOS. However, there are a few ways to schedule WhatsApp messages on iPhone, you can use Apple’s Shortcuts app to do so.

Siri Shortcut is a great way to automate your workflow. The dedicated Siri Shortcut app is a treasure cove of productivity. WhatsApp is compatible with the Shortcuts application, but it does not allow you to schedule the sending of a message as such, you will still have to accept that you are going to send the message.

Here’s how you can schedule your message using automation in the Shortcuts app on iPhone.

1. Go to the Shortcut app on your iPhone. Download it, if it isn’t already there.

2. Now, select the Automation tab from the bottom.

3. Tap on the + icon at the top right and then on “Create Personal Automation”.

4. Now select the time and day of the week to send the message by tapping on “Time of Day”.

5. Here select the time from Sunrise, Sunset, or custom time and days of the week.

6. Tap on Next and then select “Add Action”.

7. Select Send Message with WhatsApp from the given suggestions on the next page. Or you can also search WhatsApp from the bottom search bar.

8. Now tap on the + icon next to Send Message and then on the next page, tap on “Message” to write your message and tap on “Recipients” to add the recipients.

9. Tap on Next again and then on Done.

That’s it! With the power of Shortcuts, you can schedule messages on WhatsApp for up to one week. When that time of day comes, a notification will appear on your iPhone for you to send that scheduled WhatsApp message. You need to tap it to be able to send the message.

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WhatsApp doesn’t want messages scheduled, so what we can really do is schedule an alert to send the message at the exact time we want. Another way of doing this is Auto Message.

Auto Message is a powerful shortcut. You can create an individual message, group message, mass message, dictate the auto message, and manage groups with Auto Message. Unfortunately, it is also complicated. However, I feel it is worth the pain.

  1. Download the Auto Message shortcut from
  2. Run Auto Message in the Shortcuts app.
    Now, you should see the welcome screen with No List Found! message.

3. Open the Reminders app → and create a New List → name it Auto Message.

4. Exit the Reminder app.

5. Open Shortcuts and run Auto Message.

6. Select Create Individual Message from the pop-up.

7. Tap Custom Contact.

8. Enter Contact name (case sensitive.)

9. Type or paste a message in the scripting option.
You can attach media in the next step.

10. Choose the date and time.

11. Select Always Allow.

12. Verify details and tap Done.

13. Tap the Reminder Notification to send the message.


For now, as long as WhatsApp doesn’t change its mind, these are the only ways to schedule the sending of a message via WhatsApp on the iPhone.


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