How to Root Samsung Galaxy A52/A52 5G/A52S 5G via Magisk Patched AP

root Galaxy a52 via Magisk

In this guide, we will show you the steps to root the Samsung Galaxy A52/A52 5G/A52S 5G via Magisk Patched AP file. You can root the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G by using Magisk, the most popular rooting tool for Android phones. Magisk enables root and allows you to completely customize the system of the phone. Below we have a detailed tutorial on how to root Galaxy A52 via Magisk.

What is Magisk??

Magisk is a popular Android feature, it is secured by Google’s SafetyNet system. Magisk developed by topjohnwu, you can have root and install custom mods using different services like Google Pay. Magisk always works with leaving the system partition untouched and modifying the boot partition. This is why it’s referred to as a “systemless” root method. It’s very easy to install once you have all the components in place.

Why root your Android device?

It’s easy to think of your device and your operating system as being intrinsically linked, but of course, that’s not the case. Rooting allows you to install custom Roms and alternative software kernels, so you can run an entirely new system without getting a new handset. Your device can actually be updated to the latest version of Android OS even if you own an older Android phone and the manufacturer no longer allows you to do so.

Installing Magisk on your phone is done in three steps. The first step is to unlock the bootloader and make it accept unofficial images, the second step is to patch the firmware and flash it through Odin, and the last step is to correctly boot the phone with Magisk installed.

  • This process will wipe your phone. When you unlock the bootloader for the first time to install Magisk, a full data wipe will be performed. Please make a data backup before you continue, otherwise, you will lose all of the data.
  • Installing Magisk on your Galaxy A52s 5G will trigger KNOX. This is an indicator that shows whether the firmware has been tampered with or not. Some stores will refuse warranty service if KNOX is tripped.

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Pre-requisites for rooting Galaxy A52 via Magisk

  • Make sure that your phone is charged to at least 60%. This ensures the phone will not accidentally turn off during the process.
  • Make a full backup of the data on your phone. The process below involves unlocking the bootloader, which will delete everything on your phone.
  • Download and install the proper USB Drivers for your Android device. If you don’t have the proper drivers, the computer will not recognize your phone.

Steps To Root Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G with Magisk

Below are the steps that you need to follow to root your Samsung galaxy A52/A52s/ A52 5G.

Step 1: Unlock the Galaxy A52s 5G Bootloader

Samsung has introduced a new service called VaultKeeper. This means that you won’t be able to flash custom binaries or unofficial partitions unless VaultKeeper allows it. As a result, you need to unlock the bootloader before you proceed with the next step.

Step 2: Patching the firmware with Magisk

here are two methods to patch the firmware. It depends on your phone’s Ramdisk info.

  1. Download the latest stock firmware for your Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G.
  2. Once you have downloaded the firmware, extract the firmware. You will see five files.
  3. Extract the AP .tar file. The file name starts with AP and ends with .tar.md5 (AP_[device_model_sw_ver].tar.md5).
  4. Download and install the latest Magisk app. Open the app and check the Ramdisk info. If it says:
      • Ramdisk: Yes
        1. Out of the extracted files, find boot.img.lz4 from and create a tar archive (you can use 7-ZIP).
        2. Transfer the archived boot file to the internal storage of your phone.
        3. Open Magisk and go to Install > Install > Select and Patch a file. (Make sure Recovery Mode is off.).
      • Ramdisk: No
        1. Out of the extracted files, find recovery.img.lz4 from and create a tar archive (you can use 7-ZIP).
        2. Transfer the archived boot file to the internal storage of your phone.
        3. Open Magisk and go to Install > Install > Select and Patch a file. (Make sure Recovery Mode is on.)

Step 3: Flashing patched Magisk image

  1. Navigate through the storage and select the archived image file. The image will be patched and the new version will be found under Internal Storage/Download/magisk_patched.tar.
  2. Transfer the patched file to your computer.
  3. Turn off your phone and boot your phone into download mode.
  4. On Odin, click on AP and select the patched .tar file. Uncheck “Auto Reboot” and click on Install.
  5. The tool will flash Magisk on your Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G.

Note: Rooting will affect your Samsung Galaxy A52/A52 5G/A52S 5G data. Before root, you need to create a backup and save all data such as images, videos, and files in a safe location. We will not be responsible for any bricking/damage to your phone while installing this ROM.

So, this was a guide on how to root galaxy A52 via Magisk. Now, you’re good to go for a rooted Samsung Galaxy A52/A52 5G/A52S. If you’ve any queries, let us know in the comment below. Till then stay tuned for more info.

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