How To Install QuickShare On Any Windows Laptop

Samsung’s Quickshare is a tool that can be used to share files, links or texts between other Galaxy devices. It is very much similar to what Apple offers with their Airdrop feature. However, since Samsung doesn’t sell Galaxy books across the globe and only a few countries are lucky enough to be able to purchase the Galaxy book. Most people are forced to use some third-party way to transfer their files between their Windows laptop and their Galaxy smartphone or tablet. Well, not anymore, with the guide below, you will be able to install the Quickshare application on your Windows laptop regardless of the brand of that laptop. Below we have the guide on how to install quick share on any Windows laptop.

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Since the Galaxy apps are available on the Microsoft store but whenever you will try to download them, their store will show that your laptop is incompatible. So, we will first run a few batch codes to make sure you are able to install and then be able to use quick share on your computer.

How To Install QuickShare on Any Windows Laptop

  1. First, you need to download this script and run it on your computer once, then from next time, it will automatically run at the startup.
  2. Now, you need to download the Samsung Quickshare app for Windows from here. It is slightly an older version but gets the job done, later on, you might be able to update the app from the Microsoft store as well.
  3. Now, your laptop should have quickshare installed and you can start using it right away simply by opening the application.
  4. Make sure, if you have earlier paired your smartphone or tablet to your computer over Bluetooth then you will have to unpair it and let quickshare pair it on its own. Also, make sure to turn on your Bluetooth and Wifi and both the devices should be connected to the same wireless network.
Keep In Mind Samsung can fix this with any patch, however, currently I have tested 
on a MSI laptop running Windows 11 and it runs just fine.

Most Windows laptops should be compatible with quickshare, however, in some cases, there might be some hardware limitations due to which your laptop might not be able to support sharing files over quickshare.


Using Quickshare to transfer files between your laptop and Galaxy devices is way easier than using any other third-party apps or simply using Whatsapp or Telegram.

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