How To Get Android 12 Sounds On Any Android device

How To Get Android 12 Sounds

As we all know Google is all set to launch the stable version of Android 12 in the coming weeks. Google is hitting hard this time, as the developers have changed the whole UI of the Android system. We got to see the changes in the developer builds and the beta builds of the Pixel series. More changes are expected to come as the stable version is launched. Not only that Google has also added some new notification and ringtone sounds for the Pixel devices. If you are one of those people who like google’s sounds and wants to use them on your Android device, be it running One UI, Oxygen OS, MIUI or any other skin. Bingo!, here is how you can get Android 12 sounds on any Android device.

How To Get Android 12 Sounds

  1. First, you need to download the Google Sounds App Version 2.8 from here.
  2. After you have finished downloading the app, install it.
  3. Now, go to settings >> Sounds >> then choose between notification sound or ringtone sound.
  4. A prompt will appear saying ” complete actions using”, choose the sounds app from the popup.How To Get Android 12 Sounds
  5. Now, you will enter the google Pixel sounds settings and then you can choose from the various different categories of sounds like Pixel Sounds, Classical Harmonies, Minimal Melodies and more.
  6. Choose the category from which you want to set the tone, then select the tone and that’s it, the selected tone will be applied for the respective setting.
  7. You can do the above steps, for any Android device running Android 7.0 and above.

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Below we have a video for the same tutorial as well by the Youtuber VelianSpeaks.


So this was a quick guide on how to apply google Pixel Android 12 sounds on any Android device. This can be helpful for those who are bored of their preset tones from the OEMs and wants to try something new, as the google Sounds app has a long list of custom tones for different tastes.



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