How to Fix iPhone 13 Mini Overheating Issue

iPhone 13 Mini overheating

iPhone 13 will be the last of one of the dying breeds of small iPhones. Apple thought that the iPhone 13 Mini would sell like hot cakes in the small phone market. But most of the users who wanted a small phone ended up buying the iPhone SE instead. Furthermore, the mini-series has had a few issues in its short lifespan. The iPhone 12 Mini had a terrible battery life and the 13 Mini has overheating issues. Here are some tips you can use to Fix the iPhone 13 Mini Overheating Issue.

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Fix iPhone 13 Mini Overheating Issue

How to Fix iPhone 13 Mini Overheating Issue

Take off your case

Cases are notorious for trapping in heat, as there is no way for the back of the phone to cool down. Therefore the phone starts producing more heat and in turn throttling its performance.

Avoid leaving your iPhone in a car

Any phone overheats when it’s in a hot car with the sun beating down on it directly through the windshield. If possible, move it into a shady part of the vehicle. But don’t put it in your pocket or a heavy bag that will trap the heat and not let it radiate away.

Stop performing processor-intensive tasks

If your phone is overheating then the best way to cool it down is to stop all the background tasks and let the phone cool down for a while. For example, if your iPhone 13 mini got noticeably hot while watching Netflix, stop the streaming app to take the load off the processor.

Stop charging your iPhone while you perform processor-intensive tasks

Charging your phone while using it is never recommended. It degrades the battery as it puts a lot of pressure on it. Thus the phone overheats and throttles.

Turn off Bluetooth

Running Bluetooth in the background could be the reason why your phone overheating. As it would run constantly in the background thus using valuable resources.

Turn off Location Services

Location services are the sole reason for overheating in many phones. Location services have been known to use a lot of battery and processing power in the background. You should turn it off immediately if your phone starts to overheat.

Lower your screen brightness

Just the same as running background apps, turning your brightness up will force your battery to work harder and cause your iPhone 13 mini to overheat. Instead, look for an anti-glare cover for your device. This low-cost solution can help you see your screen in the sun.

 Keep Apps and iOS updated

The new updates often come with bug fixes, aiming to enhance the efficiency of that particular app and your iPhone. This means they are more likely to cause any trouble. So keep your apps and iOS updated to the latest version.

Check the charging cable

If your iPhone 13 mini is overheating while charging, it could be that there’s an issue with the charging cable. Try swapping it out first and see if that fixes the issue.

Also, make sure you use the original accessories. If it is a third party charger or cable, make sure it’s Apple certified.


Here were some of the easy tips and tricks you can use to fix the overheating issues on the iPhone 13 Mini. But if you find that your iPhone is unusually susceptible to overheating, there might be a hardware issue that needs to be addressed. You should contact Apple support to see if your iPhone needs to be serviced.

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