How to Fix Face Recognition on Samsung Galaxy Devices

Fix Face Recognition on Samsung

When you’re wearing gloves or have damp hands, face recognition comes in handy. Instead of failing fingerprint authentication, you may unlock your Galaxy phone by simply looking at the lock screen. While face recognition isn’t as secure as a fingerprint scanner, it does make unlocking the phone, at a look, more convenient. Face recognition biometrics are available on all Galaxy phones from Samsung, and while it works most of the time, it frequently fails to detect the face. Here’s how to fix Face Recognition on Samsung Galaxy devices.

Ways to Fix Face Recognition on Samsung Galaxy Devices:

Follow the given steps to fix all issues regarding Face Recognition on Samsung Galaxy devices:

Remove Face Data and Add it Again:

How to Fix Face Recognition on Samsung Galaxy DevicesSamsung Galaxy

  1. Swipe up and open the app drawer menu.
  2. Find the Settings app with a gear icon and tap on it.
  3. From Settings, go to Biometrics and security.
  4. Tap on Face recognition, and your phone will ask for PIN or pattern authentication.
  5. Once you authenticate yourself, tap on the ‘Remove face data’ option from the Face recognition menu.
  6. Tap on Remove and confirm your decision.
  7. You will see an opportunity to Register face on your phone.
  8. Tap on the + icon and hit Continue. Complete the face registration procedure and now check if it works.

Register Facial Recognition Properly:

While configuring face recognition, you should keep a few things in mind. Ensure that your face is visible throughout the procedure. Wearing a mask, sunglasses, or a cap covering your face is not permitted.

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Attempt to capture a style that you frequently wear in your everyday routine. Face recognition on your phone may not work if your look has changed significantly. For example, if you always wear a beard, don’t register your face as clean-shaven. Having a thick beard, cosmetics, or spectacles on might result in an authentication mistake.

Samsung employs a 2D biometric approach that falls well short of Apple’s powerful 3D face unlock mechanism. Someone who looks like you or utilises a photo of your face might be a threat.

Add Alternative Appearance:

  1. Open Samsung Settings (refer to the first trick) and go to Biometrics and security.
  2. Select Face recognition and tap on ‘Add alternative appearance to enhance recognition.
  3. Register your face with a different look, and you will see improvements in face recognition over time.

Disable Lock Screen Swipe:

  1. Go to Biometrics and security in Samsung Settings.
  2. Tap on Face recognition and disable the Stay on the Lock screen until swipe toggle.

Enable Faster Recognition:

Samsung Galaxy

  1. Launch Biometrics and security in Samsung Settings.
  2. Tap on Face recognition and enable the Faster recognition option from the menu.

Disable Require Open Eyes:

  1. Open the Face recognition option in the Biometrics and Security menu.
  2. Disable Require open eyes.

Enable Brighten Screen:

Samsung Galaxy

  1. Launch the Settings app and open Face recognition in the Biometrics and security menu.
  2. Enable Brighten screen toggle.


When face recognition fails, you may be forced to use a PIN or password to unlock the phone, which is inconvenient. You may enhance your facial recognition success rate ratio by employing the abovementioned techniques. Did you notice any improvement in your Samsung phone’s facial recognition? Please share your results in the comments section below.

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