How to fix Apex Legends Mobile Crashing on Bluestacks

Apex Legends Bluestacks Crashing

Apex Legends Mobile is turning out to be very popular among mobile gamers. PC gamers have had the game’s PC version for a long while, but the mobile version has only come out for some time now. However, Windows users can enjoy the mobile version of the game by using the BlueStalks application. It is an emulator that allows Android applications to run on Windows computers. It can be used to play almost any android game on a PC, but it requires a fairly high-performance machine to run things smoothly. Some users who have capable machines are still facing issues while running Apex Legends via BlueStalks on their PCs. Below we have a tutorial on how you can fix the issue of  Apex Legends crashing in Bluestacks.

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Apex Legends Bluestacks Crashing

How To Fix Apex Legends Crashing in Bluestacks

For Apex Legends to run properly, you need a capable system in the first place. It is best if it has at least 8GB RAM or more, a dedicated GPU, and a fairly powerful CPU. Once that’s sorted, set the graphics and performance settings as given below and the game should run smoothly.

Graphics settings

  • Open the Bluestacks app
  • Go to Settings on the right side of the window
  • Click on Graphics
  • Set the Graphics engine mode on Compatibility
  • Set the Graphics renderer to OpenGL
  • Set the Interface renderer to Auto
  • Set the ASTC texture to Software decoding (not hardware decoding)
  • Turn on the toggle for Prefer dedicated GPU
  • Click on Save changes to confirm the settings

Apex Legends Bluestacks Crashing

Performance settings

  • Open the Bluestacks app
  • Go to Settings on the right side of the window
  • Click on Performance
  • Set the CPU allocation to Custom and 5
  • Set the Memory allocation to High(4GB)
  • Set the Performance mode to High Performance
  • Set the Frame rate to 60
  • Turn off the toggle for everything else
  • Click on Save changes to confirm the settings

After changing all the above-mentioned settings, the game should run smoothly on your device. Go to the Bluestalks homepage, launch the game and enjoy.


People who have less powerful phones or those who just want to experience the game on a bigger display will find the Bluestalks app very useful as it allows Android apps to run on a Windows system. However, it might be difficult to run this resource-intensive application if the settings are not right or the system is not powerful enough. This article aims to help fix issues like game crashes by changing a few settings in the Bluestalks application which can be used to fix the Apex legends which are crashing in bluestacks. Following the above guide should help attain a better experience while gaming.

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