How to Enable 70-72Hz on the OnePlus 6

How to Enable 70-72Hz on the OnePlus 6

High Refresh rates on smartphones are the new norm. Higher refresh rates make the phone feel super smooth and provide a new experience on a phone. Swiping through your emails and interacting with Facebook’s UI or your web browser can look smoother than the standard 60Hz rate. The OnePlus 6 was launched in 2018 when the higher refresh rates weren’t a standard. But thanks to developers of XDA, there is a way to overclock your display. Therefore here is How to Enable 70-72Hz on the OnePlus 6.

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How to Enable 70-72Hz on the OnePlus 6

With this mod, you can overclock your OnePlus 6 display from the standard 60Hz to 70-72Hz. Typically higher refresh rate phones have a 90 or 120Hz display. Therefore a 70-72Hz upgrade on the OnePlus 6 might not sound a lot on paper but will surely make for a very smooth experience. For those who are concerned with the battery life impacts. Since the overclock is only of 10Hz, therefore there is a negligible effect on the battery. The best part of this Mod is that there are no chances of bricking your phone as the devs have made sure of it and you don’t even have to root your phone!

How to Enable 70-72Hz on the OnePlus 6

The first step to installing the mod will be to boot into Fastboot Mode.

  1. Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds
  2. Tap the Power Off option when the Power Menu appears
  3. Tap the Power Off option again and wait for the OnePlus 6 to shut off
  4. Then press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons at the same time
  5. Continue holding these two buttons down until you see the special Fastboot Mode splash screen.

Download the Mod for OnePlus 6.

Enable 70-72Hz on the OnePlus 6

  1. Download the Mod for your device on your PC.
  2. Extract the Mod at a convenient location.
  3. Reboot into Fastboot mode and connect your phone to your PC
  4. Double tap on 70hz_recommended_flasher_windows.bat. Don’t Run as Admin.
  5. The flashing will now start and your screen will now be overclocked.

How to Get Back to Stock Firmware

If for some reason the mod crashes or is causing any errors then you can go back to the original firmware by installing the stock ROM.

Download the Stock Firmware for OnePlus 6


Here is How to Enable 70-72Hz on the OnePlus 6. Thanks to XDA developer ProtoDeVNan0, OnePlus 6 users can now enjoy a feature that not even the premium phones of its time had. OnePlus officially started using high refresh rate displays with the OnePlus 7 Pro.

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