How to Download YouTube Vanced APK [Non-Root] for your Android smartphone

Download YouTube Vanced APK

Download YouTube Vanced APK

Youtube Vanced is a modded version of Youtube. It has gained popularity due to its inbuilt ad blocker, picture in picture mode, and other features it has over the free version of the youtube app. Here you will get a clear idea of how to install and use the YouTube Vanced app on your Android smartphone. Also, you can download YouTube Vanced APK from the below links provided.

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How to download and install YouTube Vanced APK [Non-root]

Vanced Manager was created by the YouTube Vanced team to simplify the process of getting YouTube Vanced running on your smartphone. The app allows for easy installation of MicroG, YouTube Vanced, and Vanced Music, a modded version of YouTube Music. It also gets the latest updates for all the above-mentioned apps in one place.

Here is how to download and install YouTube Vanced APK using the Vanced Manager

  1. Download the latest version of Vanced Manager from their website.
  2. Install and open the app
  3. Select “NON ROOT” during the initial setup.
  4. Once the setup is complete click ‘install’ for Vanced MicroG.
  5. Allow ‘installing from unknown apps‘ in the settings.
  6. Install MicroG after download.
  7. Now, click ‘install’ for YouTube Vanced APK.
  8. Select preferred theme and language and click on ‘finish’
  9. Install YouTube Vanced after download.

Now you will have YouTube Vanced running on your smartphone. The same procedure applies to Vanced Music also.

For Xiaomi devices, disable MiUI optimization before installation

  1. In setting, go to ‘About phone
  2. Tap on the ‘MiUI version’ multiple times until ‘Developer options’ is enabled
  3. Again, in settings, scroll down to ‘Additional settings‘.
  4. Select Developer options and scroll down to ‘Turn on MiUI Optimisation’ and disable it.
  5. Now, go back to the Vanced Manager and follow the above-given steps to install YouTube Vanced.

Note: This applies only to phones running MiUI.


YouTube Vanced Features

  1. Ad-Blocker allows you to remove all the annoying ads that hinder your viewing experience.
  2. Swipe controls for volume and brightness can be overlayed on the video.
  3. Background Play allows the audio to play while the phone is off or while hiding the app.
  4. Picture in Picture mode allows you to watch your favorite videos as a floating window over other apps.
  5. Various themes like dark mode help reduce strain.
  6. Captions can be customized.

To Conclude

So this was a quick guide on how to download Youtube Vanced APK and then install it on your Phone. Youtube vanced is a modded app for Youtube that gives the Youtube Premium features for free.

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