How to Download HEVC Extension from Microsoft for Free

Download HEVC Extension from Microsoft

HEVC or High-Efficiency Video Codec is the successor to the H.264 video compression format. HEVC is currently the most widely used video compression algorithm. The advantage of HEVC is that it offers the same video quality at a higher compression rate or a substantially improved video quality at the same bit rate. But Microsoft has decided to make the official HEVC media player to be paid on the Microsoft store. This decision has been under a lot of scrutiny. Here is How to Download HEVC Extension from Microsoft for Free.

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Download HEVC Extension from Microsoft for Free

With all of its benefits, HEVC is used by all the streaming giants like Netflix and Disney+. So that you will be able to stream their content without using much of their bandwidth and network resources. Moreover, the HEVC extension has become an absolute must if you plan to watch a 4K video on your Windows 11 PC. If you don’t have it, the default Windows media player will throw in the following error “To play this video, you need a new codec”.

Microsoft now charges $1 for its HEVC Codec. The Codec was free before, so the decision of making it paid has been frustrating for its users. There are many other free Codecs available on the internet. But side-loading them can be a privacy and security risk as the file contains viruses and this might damage your computer. But there is a workaround to it, you can install the official HEVC Codec from Microsoft for free. Here is how you can do it.

How to Download HEVC Extension from Microsoft for Free

  1. Type in the below URL in the browser’s address bar.
  2. You will now get a pop-up to launch Microsoft Store, click Open.
  3. You will be taken to the HEVC Video Extensions from the Device Manufacturer.
  4. Click the Install button and your tasks stand complete.


Here is How to Download HEVC Extension from Microsoft for Free. Do note that this codec would never appear if you do a manual search in the Store. Rather, you will get the paid version of the codec. Microsoft can block this URL anytime as they would not like users downloading the software for free from their official store. If the above link is patched by Microsoft then the only option left will be to pay the $1 for the Codec. Or download something like VLC which come in with High-Efficiency Video Codec pre-installed.

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