How to download Gemini AI and what is it?

A couple of years ago, we saw a major boost in Artificial intelligence services. It was started by Open AI’s chat GPT which saw massive success. Seeing the success, many other brands followed the suite including Google with its Bard AI. Then we saw Google’s Duet AI to help users in its Workspace suite. And finally, we saw a search chatbot by the company to help users in surfing the web. SO, from this article, you can download the Gemini AI and learn more about how it works.

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What is Gemini AI?

Now, Google has rebranded all these under a single brand called Gemini AI. Gemni’s toned-down version was already released late last year within Bard for testing. The company said the more powerful version needed more testing for safety. That version was called the Gemini AI Ultra which is now made available for the public. It is going to be available under the premium plan of Google’s chatbot called the Gemini Advanced.

This new generative AI model is supposed to be a direct competitor of Open AI’s Chat GPT Plus model. To access the Gemini Ultra AI model you will need to get a new Google One subscripted called the AI Premium. It is the same as the $10 Google One plan with 2TB of Cloud Storage with the addition of the Gemini AI Ultra and a $20 price tag.

This new AI model is giving tough competition to Open AI’s Chat GPT Plus. With the Chat GPT Plus subscription users only get the advanced AI and Open AI’s GPT store. On the other hand with the Gemini Advanced subscription, alongside the AI, the users also get other Google One benefits like extra Google Drive and Google Photos storage.


As of now, Gemini AI Ultra is available in a staggering 150 countries with more to come soon. As mentioned before the Gemini AI Ultra will be available with the same Google One plan across all regions.

Gemini AI on Android

download gemini ai

Another added benefit of the Gemini AI is the Android app. At first glance, this might seem special as there’s one for Chat GPT too. However, Gemini AI can also be your default voice assistant replacing Google Assistant. This feature is a game changer as it can bring up Gemini AI on your command.

As of now, Google Assistant is still the default assistant but this might be a permanent replacement soon. Another reason which hints at this change is words by Sissie Hsiao, who runs Bard (now Gemini) at Google. She quotes “I think it’s a super important first step towards building a true AI assistant, one that is conversational, it’s multimodal, and it’s more helpful than ever before.”

Gemini AI on iOS

Sadly for iOS users, there’s no Gemini AI app yet. Additionally, the default Assistant cannot be replaced in iOS anyways so it won’t be possible even once the app arrives. However, iOS users can still access its full capabilities using the website. And to make it easier Google is going to add a toggle at the top of the app that lets you switch from Search to Gemini.

Download Gemini AI for Android

If you want to try the Gemini AI app on your Android device here’s the apk link.

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