How To Downgrade to One UI 3.1 On Galaxy S21 Series

How to downgrade to One ui 3.1 from One Ui 4

As we all know that Google has released the Android 12 last month. We expect other OEMs to start rolling out beta versions of their skin which should be based on Android 12. Just like last year, this year also Samsung is rolling out the beta version of their One UI 4.0 which is based on Android 12.  if you are currently using your Galaxy S21 device on One UI 4 and since it is running the beta version, you might be facing a few bugs. We have been told that the latest beta 3 of One UI 4 is quite laggy and sometimes crashes. If you are planning to downgrade to one UI 3.1 which is the stable version of One UI on the Galaxy S21 series, then below is the tutorial on how to downgrade to One UI 3.1 on Galaxy S21 series.

As of now, One UI 4 beta is available for the Galaxy S21 series across many parts of the world but not all.

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How To Downgrade to One UI 3.1 from One UI 4 On Galaxy S21 Series

  1. First, you need to unenroll yourself from beta software updates. For that, you will have to open the Samsung members.
  2. Then go to settings of the Samsung Members, click on One UI Beta program Status.How To Downgrade to One UI 3.1
  3. Inside this, you will need to click on Withdraw button and you should be out of the beta channel of one UI. After this, you won’t be receiving any further beta updates of One Ui 4 unless you enrol yourself again.How To Downgrade to One UI 3.1
  4. Now, you need to download the Samsung smart switch app on your computer. Here is the link to download the smart switch for Windows.
  5. Make sure that you have taken a backup of your smartphone as downgrading from One UI 4 to One UI 3.1 will wipe the phone to its factory state.
  6. Now, connect your smartphone to your computer and open the smart switch on your computer.
  7. In the smart switch, you will see an option to downgrade your S21.
  8. Click on it and it will show a new pop up box which will have a list of firmware, choose the latest stable build for your device.
  9. Then smart switch will download the firmware and install it on your phone. The whole process will take 5-10 minutes.
  10. Your hone will also go to download mode, so no need to worry.
  11. Once the process is finished you will see your phone will turn on with One UI 3.1.

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Note- if you have backedup your settings and other data on samsung account or your Google account while you were on Android 12 ( One UI 4 beta) then you wont be able to restore everything properly. You can either restore from an older backup or wait for stable one ui 4 and then restore the data from One ui 4 beta to stable. 


So this was a quick tutorial on how to downgrade your Galaxy S21 from One UI 4 beta builds to One UI 3.1. We are expecting Samsung to release a stable One UI 4 by the end of November or the first week of December. In the meantime, you can either enjoy using the One UI 4 beta builds, if not then stick to the stable one UI 3.1 which appears to be a lot stable and smooth when compared to One UI 4 beta builds.


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