How to disable call recording announcements on Android

Call recording announcement is a privacy feature that’s baked into the Google dialer. Call recording is a grey area, and there aren’t any conclusive opinions on the morals and ethics of it. It lets the other side know that the call is being recorded so they aren’t secretly recorded without their knowledge.

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The announcement says, “This call is now being recorded,” and this serves as a warning, which negates privacy problems. Call recording is still a very important feature for many people worldwide in their daily life and workflow. Some use it to store memories, and it’s also important for the professional lives of many people. Since Google has to comply with Indian cyber laws, they have this announcement to stay away from law problems.

You don’t have any direct controls over this, and you can’t disable this option directly through the first-party app. Call recording is even illegal in many regions and requires announcement in other regions. Do you want to record calls without the announcement? This article will show you how to do that.

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How to disable call recording on Android

Method 1

Warning: This method only works if you root your Android device. Rooting has both its pros and cons, and this serves as your reminder.

  1. Root your Android device via Magisk by using the Android SDK method. You have to unlock the bootloader, enable OEM unlocking, flash some Magisk modules, and finally enter fast boot mode.
  2. Now, download the APK of Google Dialer mod from a trusted source like Github. We’re not responsible if you install malware on your device, so we recommend being careful with the APK you install.
  3. Launch the dialer and give access to Magisk. It’ll ask you for superuser access, which you’ll have to grant full access to.
  4. You’ll find a toggle that says, “Force enable call screening,” you’ll have to enable that toggle.
  5. Restart your device and verify whether Call Screening is working.
  6. If it doesn’t work, force stop the Phone app manually from app info. Then, reopen the app and verify if it’s working.
  7. If it still doesn’t work, clear all the data and cache of the phone app. Then, restart the app and check if Call Screening works.

These were the steps to follow if you want to record calls without announcement on most Android devices.

Method 2: If you have a OnePlus, Oppo or Realme phone

  1. Install the ODialer app on your smartphone. It’s officially available on the Google Play Store and passes all security qualifications. You can install it for free. The ColorOS team is behind the development of this app.
  2. Open the app and set it as your default dialer app and grant all the permissions it asks for.
  3. Open the app, make a call, and tap on record. It should begin recording without any announcement.

So these were the methods to follow, and it’s very simple if you have a OnePlus or Oppo device.

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