How to Check Charge Cycle and Battery health on Samsung Phones

Samsung’s One UI comes with a plethora of different features. Samsung has baked every kind of feature on their software, whether customization, performance or utility. However, one way that Samsung misses out on their One UI is the ability to check your device’s battery health and charge cycle. this is missing from almost every Android device and we can only check on iPhones. But, there is a hidden trick through which you can check the charge cycle and the battery health of your Samsung Galaxy device which is running on One UI.

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How To Check Charge Cycle and Battery Health on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Here is the workaround to find the charge cycle and the battery health of your device. It isn’t the most intuitive way to find but gets the job done. Also, the process can be a bit lengthy and annoying. As of now, we have only this method which is working.

  1. On your Galaxy device head to the Samsung Tutor App. In most devices, it comes pre-installed, if it isn’t then you can download it from here.
  2. Inside the app, click on OK, and then agree to the terms and conditions, after that, your phone will ask you to call Samsung customer care. Call them.
  3. On the call try to speak to a customer care representative and tell them that you are having charging or battery issues and you want to check the device’s diagnostic report.
  4. The representative will then ask you to enter a 6-digit code inside the Samsung smart tutor app.
  5. Entering the code will give the representative your mobile’s remote access and he will check for any issues with your device. In the meantime, you can ask for the device diagnostic report.
  6. He will then show the device diagnostic report on your mobile’s screen. you need to click on the save the report button located at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Now, inside the report, you will see the charge cycle and the battery health at the top of the report.How to check battery health on samsung

Alternative Method To Check Battery Health and Charge Cycle Using ADB

  1. Connect your Samsung phone to your computer also, make sure to enable USB Debugging on your phone.
  2. To enable USB Debugging on your phone. Go to settings >> About Phone >> Software information >> Tap on build number 7 times >> Enter your Pin >> Go back to settings and scroll to bottom to find Developer’s options >> INside you can scroll a bit and find USB Debugging> Enable the toggle.
  3. Now, download platform-tools on your computer from here.
  4. Go inside the platform-tools folder after you have downloaded and then open CMD by typing CMD on the address bar of your file explorer on your Windows PC.
  5. Inside the terminal type adb devices and press enter.
  6. Tap on allow button when prompted on your phone after you have typed the above command.
  7. Now you should see list of devices along with a serial key showing your device is connected.
  8. Next, you need to type adb shell dumpsys battery. You will get something similar result as shown below.How to check battery health on samsung
  9. Now, the mSavedBatteryAsoc is the battery health of your device, in the above screenshot it is 99%.
  10. The charge cycle is the first 3 digit of the mSavedBatteryUsage, in the above screenshot it is 63474 so this means the charge cycle is 634.

This isn’t the easiest way to find the report about your battery. Apple has done a far better job in implementing the reports for battery health and charge cycle. But, on the other hand, Samsung is at least providing you with the report and not every other OEM provides you with that. So, if you really need to find the battery health or the charge cycle of the Samsung device, you can definitely try this method.

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The report not only gives you information about the charge cycle and the battery health but a lot of other information is shown as well.

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