How To Check Battery Health on Windows Laptop


Windows devices have a fairly large market in the tech industry. Most people are still using a Windows computer as their everyday machine. Every year brands like Dell, Hp, Microsoft and many such brands launch their new products with improved performance battery life display and more. However, one thing that Windows machines aren’t able to catch up with the Macbooks is the battery life. The battery life on the MacBooks powered by the M1 chips is insanely very good. While on the other hand the battery life on the latest windows Pc, is around 12-13 hours which is claimed by the brand itself. Real-world usage differs for every user and the actual battery life you would get is around 9-10 hours. The issue isn’t ending here. The issue comes with the rapid speed of battery health degradation faced by a lot of Windows users. If you think you are also one of them, then you must check the battery health of your device. Here is how we can check battery health on Windows laptops.

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How To Check Battery Health on Windows laptops

  1. First, you need to press the start button and then type Run.
  2. Select the best searched result and then a new window will open inside the textbox type cmd.
  3. Once you have opened the command prompt terminal window on your windows laptop type powercfg/batteryreport.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Now, head to the file explorer of your computer, then navigate to C:/users/(username).
  6. Inside the username folder, you will see a file named battery-report.
  7. Open that file in the browser, and you shall see all of the information about the battery of your windows laptop.

below, we have a screenshot of how it should look, the battery health on an 8-month-old MSI Prestige 15 has degraded to around 70%. Which is an insane amount of loss. Surely, intel can be the one to be blamed.

battery health on windows laptop


So, this was a quick guide on how to check battery health on your windows laptop, this method works on almost any laptop running windows 10 or windows 11. using this you can diagnose whether you need to replace your laptop’s battery or not. or the culprit of your poor battery life is the battery health or some other app that is consuming the battery. So make sure you check the battery health of your Windows laptop from time to time so that you try to conserve the battery health of your laptop as much as possible.


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