How To Check Battery Health Of OnePlus Phones

We all are fans of Oneplus phones. They are exceptionally great. The phones have good build quality, and they give excellent high-end hardware with good software. If we talk about the batteries on the phone, almost all of the OnePlus device supports fast charging, and they are speedy. The latest OnePlus 8T has an insane 65w fast charging, while the rest of the lineup has 30w of fast charging. All of the devices are capable of getting fully charged within 1 hour, which is just great. However, all of this fast charging comes with the cost of battery health degradation, which is one of the reasons why Apple doesn’t give fast charging on iPhones. However, there are few tips through which you can extend the life cycle of the battery of your phone. Also, below we have mentioned how to check the battery health of OnePlus devices. If it is deficient, like below 80%, you should consider replacing it.

This method is a kind of official way to check the battery health of the OnePlus device. As if you would take your device to an OnePlus service centre, they will also do the same method.

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How To Check Battery Health of OnePlus Phones

  • If your phone is running on Android 10 or Android 11, then only this app will work.
  • Download the App from the link below and install it.
  • Open it go to view battery status, and inside it, it should show battery state like shown in the below screenshot.

How to Check battery health of Oneplus Phones


Download OnePlus Battery health checking App

How To Protect battery health of Your Phone

  • Make sure that your phone doesn’t drop below 15%.
  • Try to keep your battery between 20-80% for better longevity of battery health.
  • Don’t charge your phone all the time with a fast charge; sometimes, you can use a standard charging technique as well.
  • Try to avoid wireless charging as it takes a toll on battery health very much.
  • Try to avoid overnight charging if your phone doesn’t have an optimized charging technique.




SO this was a quick short procedure on how to check the battery health of Oneplus devices. This App works on almost all of the Oneplus devices running on Android 10 or Android 11. However, users with older phones can try using an older version of the same App, and it might work. If your battery health is below 80%, you should consider replacing it from the official service centre. One good thing about Oneplus is that they don’t charge much for their battery packs, so it is an easy replacement. 




















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