How to Change Lock Screen on iPhones Automatically

How to Change Lock Screen on iPhones

The newly redesigned lock screen was one of the most important talking points at WWDC this year. iOS 16 has a lot of new features and the new lock screen is the most important of them all. Some of the new features on the lock screen are clock customizations, wallpaper packs, and widgets on the lock screen. You can even change the lock screen based on the time and location. Here is How to Change the lock screen on iPhones Automatically.

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How to Change the Lock Screen on iPhones Automatically

With iOS 15 Apple introduced Focus Mode which helps users to have different profiles for different times of the day like Home and Work Mode. Therefore the next logical step in it would be to integrate the new lock screen with focus mode. For instance, you can link a Focus profile to a specific lock screen and home screen and use Focus automation to change the lock screen and home screen layout.

By linking Focus to a lock screen and home screen, you can customize your apps and widget preferences based on time and location.

Update to iOS 16 Beta

The Public Beta for iOS 16 is already out. The Public Beta allows users to test out the new software before its released to the general public. But since it’s still a beta there might be a few bugs. Here is how to Download the iOS 16 beta

  1. Enrol your device in the Apple Beta Software Program.
  2. After the successful enrolment, go to settings on your iPhone.
  3. Scroll to the General menu.
  4. Open ‘Software Update’ to download and install iOS 16.

Create Multiple Lock Screens on your iPhones

To change between lock screens you would need to make a bunch of them as per your liking.

  1. Press the side button and unlock with Face ID.
  2. Don’t go to the Home Screen, Long Press on the Lock screen. select + icon in the bottom right corner, or swipe left to create a new lock screen.
  3. Customize the new lock screen with wallpaper, app widgets, and clock style.

How to Change the Lock Screen on iPhone Automatically

iOS has different Focus Profiles, Do Not Disturb, Driving, Personal, Sleep, and Work. You can also create a new specific Focus as per your needs. You will need to use the Automation feature to use a new lock screen with a different Focus Profile.

  1. Open Settings on iPhone.
  2. Go to Focus>Work.
  3. Tap Choose below the lock screen.
  4. Tap the radio button below your preferred lock screen and hit the Done button.
  5. Select Add Automation.
  6. Select Time or Location based on your convenience.
  7. Set your ideal work hours and choose weekdays.

To Change the Lock Screen on iPhone Automatically:

  1. Open the lock screen customization menu
  2. Tap Focus, Link your preferred Focus from the bottom menu.


Here is How to Change the Lock Screen on iPhones Automatically. The new iOS 16 lock screen customizations give a new taste to your phone. iOS has been looking the same for a long time and finally, users will have something new to look at when opening their phones and the ability to customize the lock screen is one of the biggest updates to the lock screen.

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