How To Bring Back Youtube Dislike Count

How To Bring Back youtube Dislike Count


Google keeps on updating their apps and services from time to time. Usually, it is from the server-side so there’s nothing much that you can do about it. For other apps, we can surely downgrade, but the google apps like Youtube, Google keep, Gmail etc, most of them works and changes their UI from the server-side only. Recently, you must have heard or experienced that Youtube has removed the dislike counts for the users from across the globe. In fact, Google even posted a detailed article about why they are removing the dislike count from youtube. if you haven’t seen it yet, then it must be on your way in the coming days, as it is a gradual rollout from the server-side itself, so not updating the Youtube app won’t fix it. besides, that using Chrome won’t change the fact that you are already connected to the Youtube server. However, we have dug in and found out that there is a method through which you can bring back Youtube dislike count back on your Chrome. below we have a detailed tutorial on how to bring back youtube dislike count.

How to bring back youtube dislike Counts

Bring Back Youtube Dislike Count

Special thanks to a Reddit user pgamerx for saving the day and helping us in bringing back the youtube dislike counts at least for now until google fixes this patch. We will be using a browser extension that will bring back the youtube dislike counts. The extension currently works for Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox and any other chromium-based browser. users can install and use it on their browsers on any platform that supports the installation of plugins from the Chrome web store.

However, if you are using an Android device then you will have to wait for Vanced youtube developers to bring back this feature if it is possible for them, until then users can try watching Youtube videos on the Kiwi browser that supports the installation of plugins on Android devices.

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How To Bring Back Youtube Dislike Count

The tutorial is split into two steps, so make sure to follow the tutorial through the end to successfully get back the Youtube dislike count.

Step 1

  1. First, you will have to download and install the plugin from Reddit or the direct link for chrome and chromium-browser is here.
  2. For Firefox users they can download from here.
  3. Users using Chromium-based browser, download and extract the zip folder called yt-dislikes-viewer-master.
  4. Now go to the extensions section of your browser for Google chrome it is- chrome://extensions and for the Edge browser, it is edge://extensions.
  5. Enable the developer mode on the browser.
  6. Find and then click on the Load Unpacked and then select the unzipped folder which you just extracted named yt-dislikes-viewer-master.
  7. Next, you have to click the extension icon and then enter your Youtube v3 Data API key ( Find more info about the same in the popup).

Step 2 (To Get Youtube v3 Data API Key)

  1. Start by logging in to the Google Developers Console.
  2. Now, from the top of the screen, you need to click on Select a project and then Create a new project.
  3. You have to name your project, you can name anything you like and the name of the organization is optional so you can leave it blank.
  4. Next, you have to select the project you just created from the top part of the screen inside the developer console.
  5. Here you will find Click on API overview or you can directly go to Dashboard > APIs and Services.
  6. In the next screen, you will see an option to Enable APIs and Services.
  7. head to the library, and then scroll down where you will have to select Youtube Data API v3 inside the Youtube APIs option.
  8. Simply Enable the API.
  9. Select Create credentials on the top right corner.
  10. Now select the Youtube Data API v3 and Public data then click Next.
  11. Here you will be able to see the Youtube API Key, copy the API Key.
  12. Finally, Enter the API Key in the YT Dislikes viewer extension and then click on save.

In case you are not able to see the extension try to open the new tab and or restart the browser and then click on the extensions options or the button where you should see the yt dislikes viewer extension. once installed, refresh the youtube tab and then start watching the video with the dislikes count.


So this was an extensive tutorial on how to bring back the youtube dislikes count on your browser. there has been a lot of discussions and arguments across the tech community regarding the removal of youtube dislikes count. What’s your take on this move of Youtube. Also, feel free to share the tutorial with your friends who needs to have the dislike counts on their Youtube.








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