Google Pixel’s “Now Playing” : music recognition feature Available on Android

Google Pixel now playing feature

First Acquainted by  Google Pixel 2 and carrying it up to the latest Pixel 5, Google’s “Now Playing” a music recognition feature that identifies the songs playing out and about and saves them for later. The Feature offers smooth results if you are around any place where happens to be music the phone recognizes the same through Google’s machine learning techniques and database processes. It has been the most exclusive feature of Google’s Pixel series.

We have left behind the times when we grabbed our phone to hold it up to the source and let google assistant figure it out for us. So on the google Pixels phones, the now playing feature lets the phone microphones constantly listening and acknowledge the music in the ambience, and display the name of the song and its artist on the lock screen. As most of Google’s Pixel features have been ported earlier, this feature also deserved a shot. 

Ambient Music Mod: Replicating the Google Pixel “now playing” feature

A recognized developer and GitHub user Kieron Quinn have replicated the now playing feature of google’s pixel for Android phones. He’s come up with a hybrid Xposed and Magisk mod called “Ambient Music Mod” that functions almost exactly as the Google Pixel’s now playing feature and you can directly port to your android devices with few steps. Ambient Music Mod is open source and free and has been used with One Plus devices. Unlike the pixel’s feature, this Mod does not require an active Internet connection or takes up much of the battery life and uses Google’s song databases for references it supports Ambient Music support also downloads the latest databases from Google Music recognition on its own. 

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Features of Ambient Music Mod

  1. Now Playing History built-in, and support for third-party history apps.
  2. Using an Accessibility overlay service it displays the current now playing track on the lock screen 
  3. Manual recognition in the application is also available in the Ambient Music Mod.
  4. downloaded database via the Track List option to view all the recognizable track on your device locally
  5. Pretty granular settings that you can tweak to suit your needs.

Google Pixel now playing feature

Requirements for the Installation Of Now Playing Feature

  1.  Xposed: This allows the mod to look into the Sound Trigger driver of Qualcomm Snapdragon devices.
  2.  Magisk: for gaining root access on your device 
  3. Snapdragon processor with support for Sound Trigger 2.1 platform or above: The mod relies on the same service used by voice assistants for voice activation to listen to music playing nearby and captures audio recording. 
  4.  K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) machine-learning model: to run on small audio clips to find the exact matches in a locally stored track database.


Steps to download Google Pixel now Playing Feature

  1. Check for your phone’s processor to be a Snapdragon processor.
  2. Next, you’ll need to make sure that your phone has an unlocked bootloader. 
  3. Install the Xposed and Magisk frameworks.
  4. download the Mod.
  5. Run the app.
  6. After few tests, the “Build Installer” option pops up.
  7. Once the installer is built, open Magisk and install the module.
  8. Open Xposed, search for the Ambient Music Mod, and enable it.
  9. Restart your phone. You can see track info on your lock screen with music playing in the background.

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