Get OnePlus Dialer, Messages and Contacts App on OnePlus Nord

get OnePlus Phone App for OnePlus nord

Recently, OnePlus updated their budget phone, OnePlus Nord, to Oxygen OS 11 which is based on Android 11. The phone got a lot of new features which we had earlier seen on the OnePlus 8t and onePlus 8 Pro. Features like the canvas AOD, new OnePlus fonts, better dark mode, chat bubbles can be seen on the latest version of Android for OnePlus Nord. However, since the launch of OnePlus Nord there are a lot of people who are having issues with OnePlus’s choice of a default phone app, and contacts app on OnePlus Nord. As the company decided to go with Google dialer and Google contacts instead of OnePlus’s own phone app and contacts app. But, now if you have updated your OnePlus Nord to Oxygen OS 11 then you can get the OnePlus Phone App as your default dialer on Oneplus Nord.

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The default google dialer which comes pre-installed on OnePlus Nord isn’t that great, it looks very much off the UI of OnePlus. Apart from that, Google dialer’s smart dialling feature doesn’t work as accurate as it should, when compared to OnePlus’s smart dialling it shows way more results than Google dialer. This should be addressed and fixed by Google. Until then, users who were looking for the OnePlus Phone App, Contacts and messages app can download it from the link below, and the steps to use the OnePlus apps as the default app is also mentioned below.

How To Get OnePlus Phone App For OnePlus Nord

  • Download the zip file from here.
  • unzip the file.
  • There will be three files
    • OnePlus Phone App
    • Default OnePlus contacts
    • OnePlus Messages
  • Install the ones you want on your OnePlus Nord.
  • For the OnePlus Phone App, after installing it open the app and make it the default app, it will prompt right at the beginning, also don’t forget to give the necessary permissions.
  • Next, tap and hold the Google dialer app and click on App info>> Click on Disable.
  • That’s it now you have the OnePlus dialer as your default dialer App.
  • Follow similar methods to make the OnePlus messages and contacts app as your default apps rather than Google’s apps.

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So this was a guide on how to get the OnePlus dialer as your default dialer app on OnePlus Nord running Android 11 based Oxygen OS 11. The OnePlus’s dialer has cool animations while dialling your contacts, also it has a built-in call recording function as well.




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