Get Hidden features of OnePlus Camera App

OnePlus devices are criticized for how they lack in providing some significant professional photography features. To clarify, Oneplus devices use solid third-party developer communities behind them. However, customization of camera features and using the hidden features of the OnePlus camera app is still often lagging.

Now, the OnePlus Camera app has a hidden menu. Inside of this internal menu is some settings and tweaks that users of the OnePlus Camera app may benefit from. As the hidden menu is accessed by developers and testers of the app for debugging etc. Meanwhile, the menu normally is not accessible by regular users because the activity does not have a direct way to be used within the camera app. To enable these features device has to have root access, then it’s possible to enable the internal menu in the camera app. 

As discovered by XDA Member CoinsClassic, through the internal menu various features can be unblocked and can be modified according to user preferences, these options are not available in the stock configured devices.

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Note: You will need to unlock your device’s bootloader and flash a Magisk-patched boot image to follow this tutorial.

Get Hidden Features of OnePlus Camera

There a few different methods of accessing the hidden features of the OnePlus Camera App, first one is using ABD

  1. Install Android Debug Bridge (ADB) on your PC/Mac
  2. Connect your phone to your computer, and grant debugging access.
  3.  Type the following commands, in the terminal window on the screen.

adb shell


am start -n “”

Now the hidden features must be accessible to you inside the camera app.

Here is how you can get the hidden features of the Oneplus Camera App Using the Activity launcher

Here is how you can get hidden feature of Oneplus Camera App

1. Download and install the Activity Launcher app from the play store.

2. Now open the activity launcher app. Grant superuser access to the app.

3. Search for the OnePlus camera app (package name

4. Open the activity named “FeatureEditorActivity”.

5. Now the internal menu will appear on your smartphone.

Here is how you can get the hidden features of the Oneplus Camera App Using Terminal Emulator
  1. Firstly, download and install the TERMUX app (recommended) on your smartphone from the Play store. You can run commands in this app.
  2. Further, run the following commands on the terminator :


am start -n “”

After the above steps, The internal menu will be visible on your device. 

Using Xposed

Here is how you can get hidden feature of Oneplus Camera App

  1. To enable the hidden internal menu in the OnePlus camera app, XDA Member Alex193a has come up with a handy Xposed Module. However, the official version of the Xposed Framework is no longer supported therefore, you need to opt for a third party like Riru with EdXposed Manager to install the module.
  2. After setting up Riru and EdXposed, restart the device
  3.  Make sure to enable the module to hook the Camera app ( 
  4. Now the menu should be accessible under the camera’s Settings section.

Exclusive features of the Hidden menu 

1. Now you have enabled the hidden option or opened it.

2. Use the filter box to search for parameters and edit the value according to their data type.

3. In the filter box type “4K60”, you can change the values if you want like bitrate.

4. Now you can change the values if you want like bitrate etc.

5. To enable the filter, open edit features and search for the filter.


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To Conclude

So this was an extensive guide on how to get access to the hidden features of the OnePlus camera app. If you own any OnePlus device, do try all of these features, some of them are worth the try, although the experience can get a bit laggy, but definitely worth a try, especially if your device doesn’t have such features as of now.

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