Get Android 11 on OnePlus 6 and 6t

Get Android 11 on Oneplus 6 and 6t

OnePlus 6 and 6t were launched back in 2018. They both are living very well up to the flagship level with its Snapdragon 845 and 6 or 8 GB of RAM. The phone is currently running on Oxygen OS 10 which is based on Android 10. As per Oneplus’s pipeline currently, Android 11 is only available for OnePlus 8 series. After which the OnePlus 7 and 6 series would get the update by the end of January and April respectively. So, it’s a long way to go until you get the Android 11 on your OnePlus 6 or 6t. However, there’s an alternative method through which you can get Android 11 on your OnePlus 6 and 6t. That is through custom ROMS.

What is Custom ROM?

Custom ROM is an OS developed by third-party developers. The developers make their OS compatible with several phones and OnePlus phones are one of them. If you go through the internet there’s umpteen number of custom ROMS available for Oneplus 6 and 6t including the OS based on Android 11. Custom ROMS allows a whole lot of customisations and features which the stock OS misses out. You can even directly speak to the developers and request them to add a new feature to the OS. Other then this, you get weekly or nightly updates in which you can expect new features or system stability improvement. Below I have mentioned a few custom ROMS which are based on Android 11 and is compatible for OnePlus 6 and 6t along with their features and download links.

Get Android 11 on Oneplus 6 and 6t

Before you install any of the custom ROMS mentioned below make sure you have taken a backup of your data since it will wipe out your data. Also, make sure you have an unlocked bootloader on your phone. If not then you can head to this link to know how to unlock the bootloader of OnePlus 6 and 6t.

1. Pixen OS 11 for OnePlus 6 and 6t

It is a combination of Pixel Experience and Nitrogen ROM along with the addition of some useful Oxygen OS features. Gapps is already built-in the OS so you no need to flash any other Gapps. It has a long list of features including Pixel themes, fonts, Always-on display and more. You also get Oxygen OS’s gestures and camera.

Few of the features are listed below.

  • Swipe for Screenshot
  • Notch hide
  • Pixel clocks
  • More accents
  • More fonts
  • Old style mobile network icon
  • Omni style network speed monitor
  • OTG toggle
  • 4G icon for LTE toggle
  • Double tap to sleep on lockscreen and statusbar
  • Many more useful things

Get Android 11 for OnePlus 6 and 6t



2. Bliss ROM based on Android 11 for Oneplus 6 and 6t

Bliss ROM is yet another ROM made by developers. Very few ROMS have currently upgraded to Android 11. Bliss ROM is one of them. It is a very powerful and optimized ROM. While having a lot of features as well. The developers are pushing updates every while to keep it working in an efficient way while features are added alongside. Bliss ROM is based on AOSP Android 11 and is very minimal. Most likely it will give an experience like a Pixel OS or Lineage OS but with better support and later on more and more features will be added. The only downside to this ROM as of now is that it doesn’t support OnePlus 6t and has only support for OnePlus 6.


How To Install Bliss ROM based on Android 11 on OnePlus 6

  • Install latest TWRP –
  • Flash BlissROM
  • Flash TWRP
  • Format data. Make sure to back up as it will wipe internal storage.
  • Reboot to TWRP
  • Flash Magisk linked above
  • Reboot to System


So that was all the custom ROMS that have currently upgraded to Android 11. We will continue adding more and more ROMS as the developers build ROMS based on Android 11 for OnePlus 6 and 6t. Until then hang tight.


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