Get Adaptive Refresh Rate For Galaxy S20 Series

Get Adaptive refresh rate for Galaxy S20 Series


The last year’s Galaxy S20 series is a very good phone with lots of potentials. The phone is so good, that in certain aspects the newer galaxy S21 series feels like a downgrade from the previous generation. However, the Galaxy S21 series have a few things which almost every Galaxy S20 series have wanted ever since the launch. For instance a better efficient Exynos processor and secondly, the adaptive high refresh rate. The constant 120Hz refresh rate on Galaxy S20 along with the poor efficiency of the processor, just made the users frustrated with the overall poor battery performance. However, developers from XDA have found a way to get an adaptive refresh rate just like the Galaxy S20 series, and to my surprise, it works just fine and doesn’t even require root.

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The new Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus have an adaptive refresh rate that varies between 48hz, 60hz, 96hz and 120hz, depending on the content being displayed on the screen. However, people tried to replicate this thing on the Galaxy S20 series by using third-party apps and Bixby routines, but the experience wasn’t that smooth as it is in the galaxy S21 series, since it has native support for that. What’s eye-opening is that the display tech used in the refresh rate department of galaxy S21 and S21 Plus seems to be very much similar to the Galaxy S20 series. This means that the older Galaxy S20 series can have an adaptive refresh rate by software update only. Do note this doesn’t need root access or anything.

Your device will still be 100% under-warranty if it was already, and no bootloaders are needed to be unlocked. You just need ADB to give write permission, steps are written below on how to set up the ADB command one time along with the steps on how to get adaptive refresh rate on the Galaxy S20 series.

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How To get Adaptive refresh rate On Galaxy S20 series

  • Download Max hz 6.61 APK from here.
  • Install the App downloaded.
  • Enable the new option Adaptive refresh rate which is still in experimental mode but works fine.
  • If it asks for a premium, then you can try it for 7 days using the trial method.
  • A 7-day Ad-Free Trial is available. Just click the “Activate Ad-free” button and click “More info” on the snack bar prompt that will appear.
  • Connect your phone to a PC and enable USB debugging on your phone.
  • You can enable USB debugging from Developer’s Options.
  • Make sure you have ADB installed on your PC. If not, you can download it from here.
  • Connect your phone to the PC using the original USB cable.
  • On your PC, in the ADB terminal window, type “ adb devices”,  click on allow on your phone when asked.
  • On your PC, in the ADB terminal window, type ” adb shell pm grant com.tribalfs.gmh android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS “.


So this was an extensive guide on how to get adaptive refresh rate on the Galaxy S20 series, do note if you get stuck anywhere or isn’t able to figure out something you can always contact us, you can even join the telegram group of people using Galaxy S20 devices. Also if you by chance brick your device or break it. We are not responsible for anything, although we will surely try to help you the most we can.


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