Get 120Hz on One UI 3.0 with Power Saving Mode

Get 120Hz with Power saving mode on One UI 3.0

In December, Samsung released One UI 3.0 for Galaxy S20 series followed by Note 20 Ultra. However, Samsung removed one of the features from One Ui 3.0 which was needed by many of us. The ability to use the phone on 120hz with power saving mode turned on. On One UI 2.5 it was possible, but not on Android 11 based One UI 3.0. The moment you turn on the power-saving mode your phone will shift to 60Hz. However, below we have a trick through which you can use your phone on 120hz while using it in power saving mode on One UI 3.0.

Besides this, Samsung surely has added some good battery oriented features as well. Like the new revamped battery stats page. Enhance processing power mode and other UI changes can also be seen on One UI 3.0

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How TO Get 120Hz with Power saving mode on One Ui 3.0

  • Go to settings switch your display to 60Hz, click on apply.
  • Now open the motion smoothness settings again.
  • Select adaptive/High and don’t click on apply.
  • Slide down the quick settings panel.
  • Click and hold on Power saving tile.
  • turn on power-saving mode from the screen it opens.
  • Now just tap the back button once, or swipe back if using the back gesture.
  • You must see the motion smoothness screen, just click on Apply.
  • You must be on battery saving mode, along with running your phone on 120hz.

This was a much-needed feature on One UI 3.0 specially for the smartphones powered by Exynos 990. As they are highly inefficient chipsets and consume a lot of battery. With this setting turned on users can save battery and use their phone for at least an hour more

A detailed video about how to turn on 120hz with the power-saving mode is below you can definitely check this out.



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