Galaxy Buds Pro 360 Audio Issue Fix

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, Samsung also launched their latest and greatest true wireless buds the Galaxy Buds Pro. The latest Galaxy Buds Pro has a bunch of cool features. It has active noise cancellation and is also IP-rated water-resistant. The Galaxy Buds Pro also comes with a unique 360 audio feature. The 360 audio works pretty well with apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube and more streaming apps. Recently, Apple launched Apple Music with Dolby atmos and spatial audio, combined with galaxy buds pro gives a very rich experience. However, some users who are having galaxy smartphones paired with Galaxy Buds Pro are having 360 audio issue. So a quick tutorial below might help you solve the Galaxy Buds pro 360 audio issue.

As per the complaints, the left and right buds go out of sync while using the 360 audio with a Galaxy device. The problem only occurs when the 360 audio is turned on. While others also complain that while using 360 audio the left and right buds keep on changing the volume of the music which is very annoying. Fortunately, we have found an alternative fix that can temporarily solve your issues. The permanent fix should be released by Samsung anytime.

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How To Fix Galaxy Buds Pro 360 Audio Issues

  1. Make sure the Galaxy Buds Pro is connected to your Galaxy device, be it a tablet or a smartphone.
  2. Now you need to enable developer’s options if not already enabled.
  3. To enable the developer’s options head to settings >> about Phone >> Software information >> tap 7 times on Build number.
  4. Now go back to settings and at the end, you should see the developer’s option.
  5. Head to the developer’s options and then scroll down to Bluetooth audio codec.
  6. By default, it should be SBC, but when you will connect your Galaxy Buds pro, it will switch to Scalable Codec.
  7. You need to change it back to SBC while the Galaxy Buds are connected.
  8. That’s it now the 360 audio will work flawlessly.

Note- Every time you disconnect your galaxy Buds Pro, for some reason it automatically switches back to Scalable codec. So every time you want to enjoy the 360 audio feature of Galaxy buds pro, you need to switch it to SBC after you have connected the Galaxy Buds Pro.

Final verdict

Samsung should address this issue and fix it as soon as possible. Since these are their flagship wireless earbuds, issues like this shouldn’t occur in the first place. even if it is occurring Samsung should immediately fix it with a software update. Sometimes issues like this become annoying and just ruin the overall experience of listening to music or watching a movie or anything else.


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