Fossil Q Gen 5 in 2020

Fossil Q Gen 5

Everyone has always disregarded Google’s Wear OS platform. That is mainly because of an unpolished software experience that users got to see. But the year 2019 brought a significant change to the Android world of wearables. The revamped version of WearOS and the newly launched Fossil Q Gen 5 changed it all. The smartwatch is powered by Snapdragon 3100 along with 1 Gb of Ram and 8 GB of storage. Before the launch, all other smartwatches gave a laggy experience because of the high demand for hardware from Wear OS and poor optimization. However, with 1 GB of RAM, Fossil just overcame the lack of optimization. Not only that, but The Fossil Q Gen 5 also came with a built-in speaker and microphone, something which was missing in the previous generation of smartwatches by Fossil.

Fossil Q Gen 5 Variants 

Well, there are two variants of fossil Q Gen 5, Carlyle and Julianna. Both of them are identical from every aspect except the color and design. They both have the same specs the same display size. Just the dial and the strap is different. The Carlyle Gen 5 watches are for men, while the Julianna Gen 5 Watches are for women.

Also, a new fossil Q gen 5E has launched, which happens to be a slightly lowered down watch of what Gen 5 has to offer. It is 50$ cheaper than the original Gen 5, which sells at $295(22,995 Rs.). You can buy the Fossil smartwatches at Fossil’s website as well as amazon

The smartwatch has all the bells and whistles like an always-on display, altitude meter, heart rate sensor, etc. A good AMOLED display of 1.29 inches is just icing over the cake. It is coupled with a rotating crown and a three-button setup. The watch supports an interchangeable strap and can be swapped with any 22 MM of the belt. Recently, Fossil pushed an update for its Gen 5 watches, which added all of the missing things to be a strong contender for 2020.

To start with, Fossil added a new Wellness app, which can now measure sleep tracking. Probably the most accurate Wear OS smartwatch, which has sleep tracking and syncs directly to google Fit. Next, it can now measure Vo2 Max to know the capacity of your exercise and more. Last but not least, it can track indoor and outdoor activities as well. Also, Google added a hand wash timer, a breathing exercise, and more to its google Fit family of apps.

As far as battery is concerned it can last one and a half day on a single charge without always-on display and with always-on display it can last one full day. The new rapid charging can charge the watch from 0-80% in about an hour which is good. The watch also has custom battery modes which can be set by the users accordingly to save battery. There is even a time only mode which can last up to 30 days.

Wear OS App Library

The Wear OS has a huge app library that works very well with the fossil Q Gen 5, not to mention it can run a full fledge telegram app on your wrist only. Besides that, you can shazam a song right from the watch itself, or if you want to keep up with your notes and reminders, it also has google Keep. These apps make the Fossil Q Gen 5 an excellent Wear OS smartwatch that can compete very well with other smartwatches like the Galaxy watch 3 or the oppo watch.

Upcoming fossil SmartWatch

The upcoming smartwatch by FossilFossil will be using a newer chipset, the snapdragon 4100. Qualcomm claims it to be 250% faster than the current generation of processors. The claim is relatively high, and we are yet to see what it can do. However, the Ticwatch Pro 3 has already launched with the new Snapdragon 4100. But we can wait for FossilFossil to launch the next generation of smartwatches. Until then, you can keep checking our page to get the latest information about Wear OS smartwatches.


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