Everything about Galaxy Tab S8 series

Everything we know about Galaxy Tab S8

Every year Samsung releases its new iteration of high-end tablets. Last year we saw Samsung came with Galaxy Tab s7 and S7 Plus. Both of them are one of the best Android tablets n the market. The higher-end Tab S7 Plus directly competes with Apple’s iPad Pro which is their best offering in the tablet segment. Coming to this year’s tablet series by Samsung. We have got some of the information about it, and we have written it down below. So everything we know about the Galaxy Tab S8 series is right in front of you.

As per the rumours, this year Samsung is coming up with three high-end tablets. The regular Galaxy Tab S8, then there is Tab S8 Plus and this year we might get to see an ultra model for the tablet as well, yes the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. All three devices are going to be powered by the upcoming Snapdragon 888 Pro chipset. Samsung will also release a new version of their One Ui, which is One UI 3.5, and as per the leaks, one UI 3.5 is all set for bigger display devices, like the foldable and the tablets.

Everything About the Tab S8 series: features, design, specs

The regular Galaxy Tab S8 will be featuring an LCD display of 11 inches with a 120Hz display, an improved quad-speaker system tuned by AKG. Battery capacity will be around 8000 mAh and is promised to last long. The Tab S8 will be around 6.3mm thick and weighs 502g. The larger Tab S8 Plus will be having a 12.4 inches AMOLED display with a 120hz refresh rate. Battery capacity will be around 10090 mAh. At 5.7mm it is still one of the thinnest tablets around the market. Now the star of the show, the all-new Galaxy tab S8 Ultra with a massive 14.6 inches of AMOLED display and 120hz refresh rate.

It will also be featuring one of the thinnest bezels in a tablet, so thin that they had to use a notch to fit the camera, speaking of which the tab S8 ultra gets an all-new ultra-wide selfie camera, similar to the iPad Pro 2021. The tab S8 Ultra has a humungous 12000 mAh of battery. The Ultra is just 5.5mm thick and weighs around 650grams.

All three tablets will come with S-pen support and will be included inside the box as well. Users can also buy the optional keyboard book cover accessory for all three tablets, and in my opinion, if you are buying a tablet, the keyboard accessory is a must even if you don’t use it. They all support fast 45W of charging as well. Samsung is also going to improve Samsung Dex with the launch of the new Galaxy Tab S8 series. For RAM the tab S8 series will offer 6,8 or 12 GB of RAm and will be coupled with 128, 256 and 512 GB of storage.

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy tab S8 Ultra, Samsung is planning to target the laptop market, and it can be a complete replacement for laptops, since the size of the galaxy Tab s8 ultra is on par with other laptops, while giving a better display and speakers. There are some rumours that Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra might have a 4K display panel. A Twitter user TheGalox also think that the keyboard on the Galaxy tab S8 Ultra might come attached permanently like a 2-in-1 laptop.

Below is the video by the same where he talks more about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series.


As for the pricing, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 could start from $649-$749, while the Tab S8 Plus can be priced somewhere around $849-$949. The Tab S8 Ultra is the most expensive amongst the series and will be priced at around $1049- $1149. The pricing of the Tab S8 series is a rough estimate and the actual price could differ.

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Samsung is yet to announce its next unpacked event, however, from the past records Samsung should hold an unpacked Galaxy event somewhere between July and August. Samsung will also be launching a few other products a swell, like new Galaxy buds, Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z flip 3 along with the Galaxy Tab S8 series.


So this was all, about the tab S8 series, hang tight till we get more information about the upcoming tablets by Samsung. Also, we will be live streaming the launch event by Samsung so make sure to check it out somewhere around July and August.


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