Everything About Exynos 1080 5nm Processor

Everything About Exynos 1080 Processor

By the end of every year, Samsung and Qualcomm reveal their latest processors. The companies churn out their best research and developed technologies into their newest processors. The other day Samsung announced their latest in house Exynos 1080 processor. As per the reports, Samsung will be using this processor with upper-midrange phones. Like their A series of smartphones. Samsung is also due in launching its flagship Exynos 2100 processor; on the other hand, Qualcomm is also setting up to launch their new Snapdragon 875 processor. All of the processors mentioned above are on 5nm technology. Below we have summed up everything about the Exynos 1080 processor which Samsung unveiled just a while ago.

What is the Exynos Processor?

Exynos is a processor name used by Samsung to produce its processors. Currently, Samsung has a lot of phones running on Exynos processors. From budget Exynos 9611 processor powering M series smartphones to the higher-end Exynos 990 powering S and Note series of Smartphones. However, Samsung also makes phones that are powered by Snapdragon processors as well. For instance, in the US and China, the S20 and the Note 20 series are powered by Snapdragon processor. At the same time, the whole world gets the same phone powered by Exynos 990 chipset. 

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Due to in house production of Exynos, Samsung manages to keep the cost of the device less while maintaining higher profit margins. But there’s a caveat to the Exynos processors. As per the previous trends, the flagship phones which are powered by Exynos processor are not evenly matched to the Snapdragon-powered phones in terms of power and efficiency. Exynos 990 lacks way behind the Snapdragon 865 processor. This inferiority of Exynos 990 was majorly due to Samsung using Mongoose M1 cores instead of Arm processors which are widely used by Qualcomm. 

The all-new Exynos 1080 Processor

Earlier, we heard that Samsung has shut down its Mongoose processor R&D department and will be switching to Arm professors. This is a good sign for we the end-users as. Eventually, we will get a better processor. By the looks of the Exynos 1080, it looks exactly what we are expecting. The Exynos 1080 processor is an octa-core processor based on 5nm EUV process making it very efficient. The processor uses four ARM Cortex A-78 CPU cores with one of them being clocked at 2.8GHz. Rest of the three cores are clocked at 2.6GHz. Then there are four Cortex A-55 CPU cores running at 2 GHz. During the keynote, Samsung claims that the single-core performance would be 50% performance jump over the previous generation processors. And the multi-core performance will be twice as powerful as the previous ones.

Everything about Exynos 1080 Processor

There is an integrated NPU inside the Exynos 1080 that tops out at 5.7 TOPS. It also supports UFS 3.1 storage and LPDDR5 RAM. The processor is 100% 5G ready as it has a 5G modem integrated into the chipset as well. Samsung also claims that the Exynos 1080 processor will take 25% less space and will be 20% power efficient when compared to 7nm processors.

The GPU of Exynos 1080

This SoC will be paired with Mali-G78 MP10 GPU, which means the GPU performance would be similar to what we have seen in Exynos 990 processor. It is capable of refreshing the display at 144hz while maintaining FHD+ resolution. It can also refresh the display at 90hz with QHD+ resolution. Considering it is a midrange processor, these claims are very high from Samsung. 

Ths ISP of this Exynos 1080 supports up to 200 MP cameras and can record up to 4K 60FPS, and HDR10+ video recording is also included. 


On paper, the Exynos 1080 looks very promising and reliable. As per the reports, a Vivo smartphone will be the first to get the Exynos 1080 processor. Previously, we even saw some benchmark results which were leaked. The results showed that the Exynos 1080 is powerful than Snapdragon 865. Considering it is a midrange chipset it is very well above its league. Also, hang tight with us to know everything about the upcoming Exynos 2100 processor which will be powering the 2021 Samsung flagships. 




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