Download the Samsung Expert RAW 2.0 APK, which works with more devices with Android 13’s One UI 5.0 firmware.

The OEM also unveiled a brand-new photography app called Expert Raw during the launch ceremony for the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 series. Version of the Expert Raw app was just updated by Samsung to support the One UI 5.0 firmware running Android 13. It might also work with older flagship devices like the Z Fold 2 and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The Expert Raw software has been around for a while, but it was in beta and only supported a few smartphones before the Galaxy S22 handsets. The Galaxy S22 Ultra, S22+, S22, or S21 Ultra, as well as most recently the Galaxy Fold 3, are supported by the app now that it is stable. Download Samsung Expert RAW 2.0 from the below link.

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The Galaxy S20 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra, and Galaxy Z Fold 2 will all have Expert Raw capability in the upcoming update, according to a South Korean Samsung community mod called Camera 1 Charge.

The most recent Expert Raw 2.0 update might also work with the devices listed above. However, you’ll need to test it on your own.

Additional capabilities include the ability to set values for saving (Custom Preset), and create solely RAW or JPEG images when saving or save both.

You might want to try this on the Note 20 Ultra, S 20 Ultra, and Z Fold 2 as well because Samsung has stated that it will make Expert Raw available on previous Galaxy models.

Expected Features

1. Setting value saving function (Custom Preset)

When using Expert RAW, the user-modified camera setting values are saved by referring to the numerous shooting setting suggestions. There will be a new feature that allows users to save settings for use during subsequent shootings. We hope that by preserving commonly used camera settings, Expert RAW will be easier for you to utilize.

2. Save format

Results from Expert RAW were sent simultaneously in JPEG and RAW formats. In some circumstances, storing two different sorts of results is inconvenient. The settings menu will soon have a “Save Format” menu where users can choose their preferred format. You have the option to store both types of images like previously or to make RAW or JPEG images solely!!

What’s New with v1.0.02.6?

  1. Update on the supported models (Galaxy-Fold 3)
  2. Faster processing time in a low-light environment.
  3. Image quality improvements in various scenes.

Features of the newest version of Expert Raw include:

  • Total command over a camera’s optics
  • ISO\sautofocus
  • Specifications for White Balance EV Shutter Speed Support

The latest Expert Raw comes with features like:

  • Complete control of the camera’s lenses
  • ISO
  • autofocus
  • White Balance
  • EV
  • Shutter Speed

Support Specifications

  • Linear DNG 16bit raw
  • Lossless JPEG
  • HDR
  • Professional mode functions include ISO, shutter speed, EV, Manual Focus, White Balance, Histogram, etc.
  • UW, Wide, Tele(3x), Tele(10x) lens support

Supported models and OS

  • Android 12 (S) OS or higher
  • S21 Ultra

Download the Samsung Camera Expert RAW 2.0 APK.

Because it allows photographers to directly access an image’s unprocessed data (known as RAW), Samsung’s Expert Raw camera software has proven quite popular. Many Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy S22 Ultra, S22+, S22 or S21 Ultra, and the Galaxy Fold 3, are supported by the software, which is no longer in beta.

Now, taking pictures in low light conditions is quicker. In a variety of scenarios, the image quality has increased. Keep in mind that this is a Samsung Camera app add-on. Download the most recent version 2.0 in the meanwhile, which includes updates to the Adobe Lightroom viewer’s GUI, fixes for pixel blur, and the app’s inability to launch after downloading, among other improvements.

Download Samsung Expert RAW 2.0 from Samsung Galaxy Store

The Expert Raw app is now available in more countries including the UK. So you can directly download the app w from the Samsung Galaxy Store.

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