Download Taskmate App in India by Google

Download taskmate App In India

The Taskmate App is an app which until now was widely available in a lot of regions. The app is owned by Google and has a lot to offer. If you know about Google Play Opinion Rewards app. Which gives you google play credit in return of a few surveys you fill. Similar to that Taskmate also give money in return for a few tasks you will be doing for Google. The difference is that Taskmate will pay you money in your account in your own currency. Recently, Google decided to launch the taskmate app in India as well. So if users want to download the taskmate App for India they can download from the link below.

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The App says its an easy access and it might not work for everyone. One of us when tried to use the app it was asking for a referral code, which isn’t available widely. So I guess we have to wait a while until google widely releases taskmate App in India along with referral codes. It is a good initiative by Google and can help a bit to the people as well. Those who have some spare time, can use this Taskmate app and earn a bit. The Task Mate app will offer two types of tasks — “Sitting” or “Field Tasks” — with the latter requiring users to walk to a nearby business. The app will offer a variety of Field Tasks, including ones in which users will have to go “to the location shown in pin and take a photo of the shopfront once you’re there.”

Download Taskmate app in India

Google is betting high in India as recently, we heard Google investing a lot for 5G and partnering up with Jio India to launch a budget 5G phone. With the addition of Google Opinion Rewards and Google taskmate Google shows that it is considering India to expand its wide portfolio of Apps and services.

Google Pay is one thing which is still left to be implemented in India properly. Currently, we have google Pay which works on UPI payments. But, I am talking about Google Pay tap n pay via NFC. Although few users have got the option to add cards on Google Pay through which they can use it to tap n pay, it is yet to be rolled out to everyone.

Coming to the app, users can try and download taskmate app in India, but since it is still in early access we can’t say it will work or not. However, if everything goes right then in the coming weeks it will definitely work. As of now, Google is just testing it to a limited number of users in the country. Until then hang tight and we will update you once Google decides to roll out the Taskmate App for everyone.

Download taskmate App in India


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