Download Stock Firmware | Boot.img | Fastboot ROM for Nothing Phone 1

The Nothing Phone 1 has been all the hype for the past few months. Due to the excellent marketing tactics of its founder Carl Pei, Phone 1 has been the talk of the town. The Phone 1 offers a new design taking a new approach to the modern smartphone design. Nothing has also provided the kernel sources and the device tree to their phones, just days after the launch. Thus making Nothing supportive of the modding community. Therefore here is how to Download Stock Firmware | Boot.img | Fastboot ROM for Nothing Phone 1.

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These firmware files are very useful if the Nothing Phone 1 ends up in a boot loop or soft brick state. Then you could easily bring it back to life by manually flashing the firmware files via Fastboot Commands.

Similarly, if one of the partitions gets corrupted then you could flash that particular partition file to rectify the bug. If you plan to flash a Custom ROM on your phone, you will need to have the boot.img file extracted from the firmware. There could be quite a few reasons why you might need to manually grab hold of these files.

Download Stock Firmware for Nothing Phone 1

The settings menu can directly flash the Stock Firmware to your phone.

Download Fastboot ROM for Nothing Phone 1

Download the Fastboot ROM and extract it in a convenient location on your PC. All the firmware IMG files are bundled into a single package. You need to download and extract it without the hassle of doing all the work.

Global Fastboot ROM

Download Boot.img files for Nothing Phone 1

If you plan to root your Nothing Phone 1, then you don’t need to download the whole Fastboot ROM. You should just download the boot.img file, patch it via Magisk and flash it via Fastboot Commands.

Nothing OS Boot.img Global Version File


Here is Download Stock Firmware | Boot.img | Fastboot ROM for Nothing Phone 1. Nothing has been one of the few brands in recent years which have been supportive of the Custom ROM community by providing the Kernel sources and device trees just days after the phone has launched. Therefore it’s just a matter of days before custom ROMs pop up for the Nothing Phone 1 and you can customise your phone as per your liking without the brand having any control.

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