Download Samsung Galaxy S22 wallpapers

Download Galaxy S22 wallpapers

2021 is almost over and the next generation of smartphones is right around the corner. The rumours are promising, especially for flagships with major camera upgrades and Qualcomm’s new SoC – Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Samsung is getting ready to launch its next lineup of galaxy S flagships. The S22 lineup will be an upgrade to the already good S21 lineup and will sport major improvements in the display, processor, and camera front. We are expecting a February launch window this time around which is a slightly longer wait than before. While we are waiting for the new flagship offerings from Samsung, here are some leaked wallpapers to spice up your existing phone’s home screen. The yellow, red, and green splashes with a white background can go well with most home screen setups and will give a dash of colour and personality to your setup. The splashes seem to have a grainy particulate texture similar to sand. The white background accentuates the colours and makes them pop. There is also a dark mode friendly variation to this. It features a black background with a dual coloured splash with a shade of blue and orange. Download the Galaxy S22 wallpapers from the link below.

Download Galaxy S22 wallpapers          Download Galaxy S22 wallpapers


For a smartphone that won’t see the light of day until February of 2022, the S22 lineup has seen a lot of leaks. The one that stands out is the leaked design of the S22 Ultra. It looks very different to the current S21 Ultra and instead seems more like a Galaxy Note successor. Rumours suggest that the S22 Ultra will carry forward the ideologies of the Note lineup. This includes the presence of an included S-Pen and a more boxy design. Fans of the Note series will be thrilled to get a device like this after a break this year.

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Download Galaxy S22 wallpapers

While the Ultra is shaping up to be a significant upgrade, the regular and plus variants seem to only be iterative upgrades over the predecessors. The S22 and S22+ come with improvements in the camera department and newer SoCs while keeping the older design language. 

The S22 lineup is shaping up to be everything that one would expect from a Samsung flagship and even a bit more. While the S22 and S22+ might be an iterative upgrade, the S22 Ultra will be a bold successor to the Note lineup. While we wait for them to come out in February next year, we can use these wallpapers to spice up our home screens.

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