Download Registar Goodlock Module for Galaxy Devices

Download Registar Goodlock Module

We all know Samsung provides a ton of customization on their Android skin One UI. The latest One Ui 5 have also got a new colour palette and lock screen customization which is just an add-on to a tonne of already loaded features. However, customization is always incomplete on One UI if you haven’t used goodlock and its modules. Goodlock is a co-developed software for Samsung devices that provides root-level customization without making the whole experience unstable. The developers at goodlock just keep on adding new modules and features to the app. Recently they have announced a new register Goodlock module that opens a new level of customization for your galaxy device. Download Registar Goodlock Module from the below link and you can go through the details and the screenshot of the module as well.

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Download Registar Goodlock Module for Samsung Galaxy

The new Registar module brings customization to the settings app of One Ui. With the help of Registar module, you can reorder the list of settings inside the settings app and you can also re-arrange the groups of settings. It also gives you the option to show or hide your name and email address from the Samsung account section which is located at the top of the settings.

In addition to that now you can customize the things that you can do with the power button. The best one which I found useful is to press and hold the power button to mute and unmute the phone’s sound system. This can be an alternative to the alert slider of Oneplus and iPhones.

Coming to the features, the register module has also added an option to use backtap gestures for doing tasks. I have set double tap the back to take screenshots.

below are the screenshots of the registar Goodlock Module and you can have a look at all the features and enhancements that have been added to the module.

Download Registar Goodlock Module Download Registar Goodlock Module Download Registar Goodlock Module



There are a lot of different goodlock modules that every Galaxy user should try while customizing their phones. While a lot of the goodlock modules are helpful as well. Earlier this month we saw Goodlock unveiled a camera-centric module called as camera assistant which improved the shutter speed drastically which was a big downfall for the phones like Galaxy S22 Ultra. A lot of users complained about it too. This time we got the Registar module which looks promising. In the coming days, we are going to see a lot more exciting and new features with the Goodlock modules.


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