Download Google Sans font for Samsung Phones

Google Sans font for Samsung

Samsung’s latest release, its new software overlay OneUI 3  based on Android 11, the new UI brings a lot of major customizable features. As everybody is aware, Samsung smartphones are one of the best-selling smartphones in India as well as over the world. The variety of smartphones Samsung has to offer is the unique selling point of the company. The phones are available in every budget and are manufactured to suit the needs of every user. The high-end series like Samsung S series and Note series are the front runners and most awaited in the smartphone market. The company is always experimenting with its features and comes out with extraordinary displays or some crazy new tech every year. However, one of the aesthetically pleasing fonts is Google Sans. So here is how you can use Google Sans font on Samsung devices without root.

One UI has the ability to change and add custom fonts which can be a big flex from Samsung. Since a lot of OEM skins lack this basic capability.

Samsung’s One UI: Overlay software for Samsung phones 

Samsung’s One UI overlay software comes bundled up with lots of features and options to personalize the phone that an average user is not aware of. While some features come pre-installed in the firmware, others are optional and can be installed using additional tools for customization, like Good Lock for advanced modifications, Galaxy Theme store to change the UI of the software. Samsung Galaxy Theme Store allows users to change the font of the device as well.

Although, it contains various fonts for a smartphone to apply. Unfortunately, the modification tab does not contain Google Sans font from Pixel 5. Google Sans is the default font developed by Google. The font that you see on your home screen, web page, ads, and overall in the OS is the Google sans. In the world of Android, this one is the default typeface used. The majority of the sources are optimized with Google Sans in mind. However, there are few steps you can follow to install Google Sans font onto Samsung Galaxy phones.

Note: The method has been tested working on OneUI 2.0, 2.1, and the newer One UI 2.5 based on Android 10. You can also give it a try on One UI 3.0 with Android 11.

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How to Install Google Sans Font on any Samsung device

You can use the zFont app through which you can download and install various fonts inclined with your preferences on your Samsung phones. Here, we are using the most popular Google Sans Font, also known as Product Sans.

Steps to Install

  1. Install The zfont app from the play store.
  2. Open zFont app on your Samsung phone and install the “CirceRounded” font from the list. (might be at #246)
  3. Head to the font settings of your device and select and change the font to “CirceRounded” 
  4. Now, before making a change ensure that you have a proper backup of your settings.
  5. for backing up default settings: Settings > Account & Backup > Backup & Restore > Backup data > Choose “Settings.” 
  6. After taking backup revert to the settings and make it default.
  7. Uninstall “CirceRounded” font by navigating to Settings -> Apps
  8. Open a file manager such as the default My Files app and enable “Show Hidden Files”. (You can find the “Show Hidden Files” on File manager settings.)
  9.  delete the circerounded.apk from your internal storage.
  10. Download the latest circerounded.apk file and Copy to paste “circerounded.apk” file to the ONE_UI zFont folder
  11. Now, open the zFont app again and install the circerounded apk.
  12. Restore the settings by navigating the Settings > Backup & Restore > check “Settings” > Restore.

Download various other font using the zfont app

After completing the above steps, it should automatically set your font to the Google Product Sans font. This is useful to people who consider personalizing their smartphones and have certain preferences set. The zfont app offers other fonts too that you can check out and apply to your phone. All you have to do is to download a font and you can change the Font menu from the settings.


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