Download Google Pixel 6 series Wallpapers

Download Google Pixel 6 Wallpapers in high quality

 Google has come out with their new lineup of phones, the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, powered by Google Tensor Chipset, their new in-house silicon. This is Google’s sixth attempt at making smartphones. The hardware has vastly improved over the Pixel 5. This promises to deliver one of the best Android experiences in the market. Along with these great smartphones, we get some stellar wallpapers too. We have gathered all of them here so you all can enjoy them. Below we have some cool Google Pixel 6 wallpapers in high quality which you can download.

Google Pixel 6 Pro comes with a 6.7-inch LTPO pOLED display. It can refresh from 10hz all the way up to 120Hz. The regular Pixel 6 comes with a 6.4 inch 90 Hz AMOLED display. Both smartphones are powered by the Google tensor chipset with 12GB RAM on the 6 Pro and 8GB RAM on Pixel 6. The cameras have been greatly improved. Both come with a 50-megapixel main sensor and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide sensor. The 6 Pro gets an additional 48 megapixel 4x optical telephoto lens. As for the battery, the Pixel 6 Pro packs a 5003mAh battery while the Pixel 6 gets a 4,613mAh battery. Priced at $599 and $899 respectively for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, Google has tried to make a mark in a market where flagships from other brands regularly cross the $999 mark.

The Pixel 6 Series also comes with Android 12 out of the box. Android 12 is a major update over Android 11 with an all-new design, widgets, and a new theming feature called ‘ Material You’

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Material You is a new design language that is meant to help personalize the UI from the icons to accent colours. The accent colours of various UI elements change based on the wallpaper. This promises to give a very cohesive experience. It also has a new collection of widgets that can also change colour accordingly. Google has put a lot of effort into revamping the UI and giving it a fresh twist.
To showcase its new features, Android 12 comes with a variety of new wallpapers.
The new wallpapers include abstract images, flowers and plants, food items, and so on.
They are meant to showcase the new theming

google pixel 6 wallpapers

Download Google Pixel 6 series wallpapers

Given below are the links to download the original high-quality wallpapers pulled straight out of the Google Pixel 6 series. These wallpapers have a resolution of around 2160×2400. They are sure to give a refreshing look to your smartphone. Google has gone for some very colourful and stylized wallpapers, which are meant to highlight the new theming features of Android 12.

To Conclude

The Pixel series of smartphones is Google’s attempt at creating a vessel that can showcase the Android operating system in all its glory. The Google Pixel 6 series builts up on this with substantial improvements in hardware and software. The wallpapers with which come with these phones are simply stunning. Any of these wallpapers are sure to breathe new life into your home screen setups.

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