Download GoodLock 2021 Modules

Download GoodLock 2021 and its modules

Samsung’s Galaxy store gives a lot of customisation options. There are a plethora of different themes, fonts and wallpapers available to download including paid and free. However, if you are a hardcore user of a Galaxy smartphone, then you must have heard about the term GoodLock. If not, then let me tell you the GoodLock is an app which allows customisation at a different level. Using goodlock on your One UI powered devices, you can enhance and tweak your UI of the phone. It can literally revamp almost every part of the phone. Recently, GoodLock got an update and is getting ready for Android 11 One UI 3.0. So, if you have a device running on One UI 3.0 like the Galaxy S20 or the Note 20 series. Then download the Goodlock 2021 and its modules to customise your Galaxy device.

There are several different GoodLock modules to choose from, also there are several regions in which the GoodLock is blocked or restricted. So here is a link through which you can learn about the goodLock’s different modules along with a method on how to use Goodlock in countries where it is restricted.

What’s new With GoodLock 2021

While, as of now not all of the modules have got an update to support One UI 3.0. However, Quickstar, Multistar, and Navstar have already got an update to support One UI 3.0. While the home Up, Notistar are on the way to get the update of the Goodlock 2021 module. If you haven’t got the update of the Goodlock modules, or you don’t have the goodLock app. Below is the link to download the Goodlock 2021 along with the modules that have been updated to support One UI 3.0. Also, the theme park module is now supported on One UI 3.0, which means you can totally play with the colours of One UI 3.0, adjust the transparency, darkness and more.

Download Goodlock 2021

As soon as more modules are added to support One UI 3.0, we will add the download links here.


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