Download Gcam Google Camera For OnePlus Nord

Download Gcam For OnePlus Nord

The Gcam Mod for the android devices has recently emerged a lot. The software processing of Google is just insane. For those who don’t know what is Gcam. It is a camera mod which anyone using an Android phone can install it. It can improve camera quality drastically of any smartphone. With Gcam you are able to capture Google Pixel like images from your smartphone. The only caveat of using the gcam camera is that it can be sometimes a bit buggy, and the device should have a snapdragon powered smartphone to run a Gcam camera. The camera processing of Oneplus Nord is great, but sometimes OnePlus tends to soften the image or gives artefact effects to the pictures. More often we see the images captured from OnePlus Nord possess a slightly different skin tone then what actually the skin tone is. All of these can be improved if you use the right Gcam camera APK along with proper Lib Patches. So here is a link to download Gcam for Oneplus Nord. Users can download and install the Gcam on their OnePlus Nord.

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Comparison between gcam and Stock Camera

The stock camera of OnePlus Nord is capable of shooting videos at 4K 60 fps and has some different camera modes like panorama, portrait, night sight and many more. One thing which comes with Gcam is the improvement of night mode shots. The shots taken from the stock camera of OnePlus Nord at night is just above average. But if you take the same shots using Gcam’s night mode, the pictures can be improved a lot. This is because the sensor of the OnePlus Nord is very much capable of clicking good pictures, but the software and the post-processing of Oxygen OS are letting holding it back from clicking exceptionally good photos.

The HDR photos of  Gcam are also incredibly good and can give a tough competition to any other midrange smartphone, the stock camera is also good in terms of HDR, but the Gcam is just a bit ahead of it. The skin tones produced by Gcam is way better than what we see from the stock camera of onePlus Nord. the images are also a bit sharper than the stock camera. So if you are one of those who click a lot of pictures you should definitely try the gcam mod APK for OnePlus Nord.

Download Gcam For OnePlus Nord

How To Install Gcam on OnePlus Nord

  • Download the GCam APK file from the download link above and tap on it.
  • Make sure that the Unknown Sources for installing APKs option is enabled on your device. In order to this, go to the device Settings > > Security/Privacy >> enable it. [If already enabled, just install the APK]
  • It will launch the package installer and tap on the Install button.
  • Once the installation is done.
  • Open File Manager and create a folder named Gcam inside the folder create configs7 named folder. (It’s configs7 because we are using Gcam 7 if you are using Gcam 6 or 8 use it configs or configs8 respectively.)
  • Now inside the configs7 folder copy the. XML config file and then open the google camera(Gcam) installed.
  • Double Tap on the blank space near the shutter button and it should ask for an option to restore config file or. XML file.
  • Select the config file you want to use it and that’s all.


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