Downgrade your Vivo or iQOO phone to Android 13 [Guide]

The public builds of Android 14 are around the corner, but you might want to downgrade your Vivo or iQOO phone to Android 13. For Android 14 Betas, Google has collaborated with several companies, including Vivo and iQOO. The Beta program began a couple of months ago, and you can easily download the Beta on compatible devices.

However, since this is Beta software, you could easily run into bugs and inconsistencies or app compatibility and stability issues. This article will show you how to downgrade your Vivo or iQOO phone back to the stable Android 13 version. Android 14 is pretty much at platform stability right now, but the overall stability of Android 13 is still much better.

At the moment, two phones are compatible with the Android 14 Beta. You can run the Beta version if you have a Vivo X90 Pro or the iQOO 11.

Before we begin, you have to download the firmware for Android 13 for your respective device. While there are only two devices on the list for now, we will continue to update it. While the firmware you have to install is different, the remaining steps to downgrade are the same for all other iQOO or Vivo phones.

  • Stable Android 13 Firmware for the Vivo X90: Click here
  • Stable Android 13 Firmware for the iQOO 11: Click here

How to downgrade your Vivo or iQOO phone to Android 13

Note: Downgrading the Android version always contains a risk of soft brick or boot loop. We’re not responsible for any losses that you may incur while downgrading the phone. Since this method completely wipes your user data, we recommend taking a backup of essential data before proceeding.

  1. Download the compatible Android 13 firmware for your device from the above links and install it.
  2. Open the Settings app on your phone.
  3. Find the System Update menu and open it.
  4. Here, tap on Local Update.
  5. Now, you’ll find the Android 13 firmware that you previously downloaded.
  6. Select the Android 13 firmware that you’ve downloaded onto your device.
  7. Tap on update now, and confirm. Your phone should boot into stable Android 13.

These were the steps to downgrade your Vivo or iQOO phone to Android 13 from Android 14. You can now set up the phone and use it normally. We hope the guide helps. You may choose to upgrade to the stable Android 14 version once it’s out.

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