Downgrade Pixel 6 Series from Android 13 to 12

Downgrade Pixel 6 Series from Android 13 to 12

The Android 13 date for the Pixel 6 series has been controversial as it locks the users to Android 13. While the Pixel 5 and lower series users can revert to Android 12 if they want to, this option isn’t possible on the Pixel 6 Series. Google says a bootloader update to the Pixel 6 series of devices prevents users from reverting to Android 12. But there is a workaround to it, as we discussed in how to Bypass Anti Rollback on Pixel 6. After bypassing the Anti Rollback, here is How to Downgrade Pixel 6 Series from Android 13 to 12.

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Downgrade Pixel 6 Series from Android 13 to 12 Downgrade Pixel 6 Series from Android 13 to 12

Downgrade Pixel 6 Series from Android 13 to 12

Before downgrading your Pixel 6 you will need to Bypass the Anti Rollback Mechanism, refer to the Bypass Anti Rollback Mechanism on Pixel 6 Series to do so. The below process will wipe all your data, so do keep a full backup before commencing.

Modify Bootloader.img File

  1. Download both Android 13 and Android 12 firmware files and extract them at a convenient location.
  2. Delete the bootloader.img file from the Android 12 firmware folder. It will be named:
  3. Go to the Android 13 firmware folder, and copy the bootloader.img file, and transfer it to the Android 12 firmware folder:
  4. Right-click on the Android 12 flash-all.bat file and select Edit. It will open in Notepad.
  5. Replace the Android 12 bootloader file name in the bootloader flash command with the Android 13 bootloader file name.
  6. Press Ctrl+S to save the file.

Install Android SDK

Download the official Android SDK Platform tools from Google. Download it and then extract it to any convenient location on your PC.

Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking

Enabling USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking will allow the PC to recognise the device in ADB Mode. We will also have to unlock the bootloader as it will allow us to flash a new ROM i.e. Android 12 on our device.

  1. Go to Settings> Developer Options.
  2. Enable OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging, click agree if a prompt appears.

Boot your Device in Fastboot Mode

  1. Press and hold the Power button and volume down key until you see the Android figure lying down.
  2. Press and hold the power button and volume up button briefly before releasing the volume up key.
  3. Using the up and down volume buttons, you can scroll to select Enter Fastboot.

Unlock the Bootloader

Unlocking the bootloader is the first process in flashing a custom ROM or a Factory Image on a device in our case. To Unlock the Bootloader:

  1. Boot your device in Fastboot mode and connect it to your desktop.
  2. Search for CMD in the search panel and select Run As Administrator.
  3. In CMD type the below command.
    fastboot flashing unlock
  4. You will get a prompt on your device, use the volume keys to navigate and select Confirm.
  5. Restart your phone.
  6. Skip the startup process and re-enable USB Debugging from the Settings.
  7. After doing so boot your phone in Fastboot mode and then connect it to your PC
  8. Enter the below command in the CMD window.
    adb reboot bootloader

Downgrade Pixel 6 Series from Android 13 to 12

  1. Go to the Android 12 firmware extracted folder.
  2. Double click on the flash-all.exe file to launch it.
  3. The flashing process will now start.
  4. Once done, your device will automatically boot to Android 1


Here is How to Downgrade Pixel 6 Series from Android 13 to 12. The process is pretty much the same if you try to do it on any other Pixel device but you need to Bypass the Anti Rollback feature first. This can be tricky, but if you want to go back to Android 12, then that’s the only way.

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