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Everything About Exynos 1080 Processor 0

Everything About Exynos 1080 5nm Processor

By the end of every year, Samsung and Qualcomm reveal their latest processors. The companies churn out their best research and developed technologies into their newest processors. The other day Samsung announced their latest...

Buy iPad Air 4 from Apple store 1

iPad Air 4 available for purchase

Back in September 2020, Apple announced the iPad Air 4th generation. Alongside the new Apple Watch and the iPad 8th gen. Earlier we also saw Apple launching an online Apple store in India. Through...

Leaked Galaxy S21 Design 0

Leaked Galaxy S21 Design, Launch Date

Samsung is one of the top tier smartphone manufacturing brands. Their Android flagship phones are the highest benchmark of any Android smartphone. The company offers the best of its innovation and technology on its...