Best Ways to Fix Windows Laptop Draining Battery When the Lid is closed

Best Ways to Fix Windows Laptop Draining Battery When Closing the Lid

One thing to keep in mind is that a laptop’s battery does not hold the charge indefinitely. Even if the laptop is turned off, the battery will drain. However, this draining is so minor that we won’t notice it unless we keep the laptop turned off for an extended period of time. Another condition that utilizes more battery but is also very low in hibernation. The laptop is kept running in sleep mode, but the lid is closed. Most software will also be unable to run in sleep mode, which would save a significant amount of energy. If you’re concerned about little charge loss when your computer is in sleep, hibernate, or shutdown mode, don’t be. This charge loss is unavoidable. If you are facing some weird battery drain on your windows laptop while the lid is closed. Below we have some of the best ways to fix the Windows laptop battery draining issues while the lid is closed.

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Best Ways to Fix Windows Laptop Draining Battery When Closing the Lid

How to Fix Windows laptop battery draining issue when the lid is closed

If you believe your laptop’s battery is draining faster than usual, look into the options listed below.

1. Disable fast startup

Fast Startup is a Windows 10 feature that regulates the behaviour of the shutdown and startup procedures. Fast Startup allows Windows 10 to refresh required operating system components while leaving others in memory, resulting in speedier boot times.

One disadvantage of the Fast Startup feature is that its operation can occasionally go awry. The user may desire to shut down the computer, but the Fast Startup option may force the computer to restart. As a result, the user may believe that the laptop has been turned off by closing the lid. Instead, the computer would restart and continue to function with the lid closed until the battery died completely.

If you find yourself in this position, you should probably turn off a rapid startup. This is how you do it:

  • Go to Run –> powercfg.cpl
  • Choose “Choose what the power buttons do” from the left-hand menu.
  • “Change settings that are presently unavailable” should be selected.
  • Under Shutdown settings, uncheck “Turn on rapid startup (recommended).”

2. Make sure to Suspend All Windows Processes

Are you trying to download large files from the internet or update the software on your laptop? Finish the task or pause the download before closing the laptop cover. After the lid is closed, some services may continue to function in the background, draining the battery quickly.

3. Don’t Open Too Many Applications at Startup

Do you notice the excessive battery usage and the fan whirling faster after lifting the laptop lid? Perhaps your laptop starts up with too many services open. You must disable the startup of useless programmes and services from the settings menu.

  • Open the Settings menu on Windows 11 (Windows key + I).
  • From the left sidebar, select Apps.
  • At the bottom, click Startup.
  • Examine the programmes and services that are launched during startup to see how they affect the system.
  • Close the menu and turn off unneeded app behaviour.


Windows 11 has a power troubleshooter tool for resolving issues with laptop battery consumption. Here’s how to use a power troubleshooter to fix the laptop’s battery draining when the lid is closed.

  • Select System from the left sidebar of Windows 11 Settings.
  • Select Troubleshoot from the menu.
  • Open other troubleshooters.
  • Run the power troubleshooter and wait for Windows to resolve the problem.

5. Check Battery Health

Every laptop battery has a set charging cycle. Most current laptops have a maximum charge cycle of 1000, after which the device battery will degrade. Follow the instructions below to verify your laptop battery’s remaining cycle.

Important: The procedure for checking battery health (left charge cycle) varies by OEM. We’ll be utilizing an HP laptop in the screenshot below.

  • Look for HP Support Assistant by pressing the Windows key.
  • Open the menu by pressing the Enter key.
  • Select Battery from the Device Health menu on my dashboard.

6. Extend Battery life with customized Power Plans

Power plans assist you in conserving energy while maximizing system performance. It essentially allows you to choose between battery life and performance. They allow you to personalise your battery usage by planning and adjusting screen brightness when the machine is in sleep mode, charging mode, or connected. You can alter the display, brightness, and sleep settings whether the device is on battery or when it is plugged in. You can also adjust advanced power settings or return to the factory defaults. The steps below will show you how to use power plans.

  • Select Power choices from the Control Panel.
  • Select Create a Power Plan from the Power Options menu. You can now create a Power plan that meets your requirements.

So on the behalf of the above content, we have enlightened you on some of the best ways to Fix a Windows Laptop Draining Battery When the lid is closed. If you’ve any queries, let us know in the comment below. Till then stay tuned for more info.

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