4 Ways to Fix Haptic Keyboard Not Working on iOS 17

At last, iOS 17 introduces a feature long-awaited by users—a built-in haptic keyboard, eliminating the need for third-party alternatives. However, the rollout faced unexpected challenges, with numerous users expressing concerns about the iOS 17 haptic keyboard not working. If you find yourself seeking solutions to this issue, this article provides four fixes to address the problem of haptic keyboard not working on iOS 17.

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What is a Haptic Keyboard?

Not turned on by default, the keyboard haptics feature uses something called the Taptic Engine to make your iPhone keyboard feel like it gives a little “tick” when you press a key. It’s different from the sounds your keyboard makes (which many people switch off right away), and the cool part is, it keeps working even when your iPhone is on silent.

This cool feature has been in some other iPhone keyboards and a bunch of Android phones for a while. It’s like magic – if you’ve used an iPhone for a long time and never tried a different keyboard, you might not have known about this feature before. For lots of iPhone users, it’ll feel like something super new from Apple, and you won’t realize how cool it is until you try it!

How to Fix Haptic Keyboard Not Working on iPhone?

  1. Toggle Haptic Keyboard Off and On
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Access Sounds & Haptics > Keyboard Feedback.
  • Disable Haptic, wait briefly, and then re-enable it.
  1. Restart Your iPhone
  • Simultaneously press and hold the side button + volume down (or power button for home-button iPhones).
  • Slide to power off, then hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.
  1. Switch to Default Keyboard
  • Open any messaging app or initiate a Spotlight Search.
  • Tap the globe icon to revert to the default iOS keyboard.
  1. Reset All Settings
  • Open Settings, proceed to General > Transfer or Reset.
  • Tap Reset, followed by Reset All Settings.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

This guide covers various methods to ensure your haptic keyboard functions optimally. If you found this information helpful, consider sharing it with friends and family who might encounter similar issues.

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